#zinzino / leadership school


Hi! This time English!. I have been listening all weekend great, amazing speakers that came all the way from USA, UK etc…to talk about amazing issues to become a better entrepreneur. But the message can we use in many aspects of our lives.

Really great speakers like Randy Gage introducing with new book Mad Genius, or Brian Manley with a really touching talk and even more useful concept & book: Goal Mapping. I really do recommend it and I am going to start mapping right tomorrow!

But there were more things about the company Zinzino:

“Zinzino journey began with premier Belgian/French Rombouts-Malongo coffee and home expresso machines. In fall 2012, they added a Balance Initiative through a partnership with Bioactive Foods of Norway.

Increasing numbers of doctors and scientists have given alarm for a balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio. Zinzino’s ‘Balance Initiative’ offers people a simple way to determine their 6:3 ratio with our home sample collection kit, i.e. Balance Test.”

`cause I really love their products as I test myself and I can see the many results. Bt not only that, do you know that I sell Zinzino products through Miss Lopez health online shop as independent partner?

It´s really much to say about the products…and so many news so I am afraid I must continue with new posts tomorrow. Now I have just came from Oslo, Norway and I want to sleep. Meanwhile have a look at some pictures from the #zinzinoevent







Ok tomorrow I´ll let you know more!