When the sun is shining…

English/ I try with English these time. I used to live in UK long, long time ago and travel to USA during a while, so I´ll try this time. 🙂
Something I do not have the time to, is to translate the same content in a post. Whatever, going to my point, everything changes when the sun is shining even though is still cold in Stockholm.
Today my daughter Madeleine pick me up to have lunch and a really long walk alla the way to Älvsjö Fair and then to Rodensal´s garden. Realy beautiful and plenty of people everywhere. Everybody seemed to be in a much better mood, and just becuase the sun was shining!. See, that´s why I put the name my new domain SOLNU (ADLINK) in Swedish, sun now!
I am really looking forward more sunny days from now on…

beautiful Rosendal trädgård

still far too many clothes on, but sunny 🙂

Meanwhile here you have the pictures of this sunny Saturday.

in Swedish

at the Fair as well

så difficult to take pictures of myself on my own…I wish a fotografer! Now 🙂

I love this words, för the adventurous in all of us…
Now let the Spring begin bringing the sun back! Now back to my favourite serie on Netflix, Gilmore girls, I love it!