What´s your goal?

English/ Sunday in La Coruña. Still summer (though I bit foggy) and that´s what I love being in Spain now while in Sweden fall is coming…
Today after I went to the church service in the old church close to my place (Santa Eulalia de Lians), I spend my time reading this book that I do think it´s really well written: Goal Mapping of Brian Mayne. Perfect book for my vacation so when I come bak I stay on focus 🙂
“the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today it´s a gift-that´s why they call it the present”. Good, isn´t it?
“it´s important to reiterate that you must state what you want, not what you fear”…a wise meaning from the book and so many more. Good to be remaining once in a while of wise things like this. So easy to forget , don´t you think?.
I really recommend this book. Tomorrow I´ll keep reading it…