Translating from Spanish to Swedish, Jaume Campos on Skype

English/ Today I have been helping my Swedish friend Jessica with translation from Spanish to Swedish. The thing I am very interested myself in the subject as well. She has been in touch with Jaume Campos ADLINK (with lots of videos in YouTube, etc…) in USA Orlando as he is a kinesolog therepist working with personal development. Actually he is the founder of The Master Code that is is a proven method for recognizing and releasing debilitating and destructive inhibitors hidden deep within your unconscious mind. IWe had an Skype conversation the three of us in central Stockholm and tomorrow will be in my place. I can not tell how excited I am about learning about this new method. He is an Spanish therapist from Spain and this is the perfect cooperation and interaction I can work with betwen therapists from Spain and Sweden. For me this is the key of wellbeing…Wellcome to the good side of social media! we can really meet really good people in a second!!!

Think of the all good things we can do together from now on… 🙂

Here me with Jessica 🙂

Here Jaume Campos. Ilook forward to learning ways of expanding with method in Sweden & more…

and here one of his videos about learning to feel…more important than you think. I must say this topic is really something I am passion abouit and share it as well!!. The good thing this video is in Spanish with English subtitles. Really good!