Ten reasons why Bradley Cooper is the most attractive man in the world by Miss López

Here having a very interesting business meeting with Annette Stavenow Mansnéus…What a busy day! As always but I love it! 🙂 So many things going on with my projects…! Cool!

After a long working day when I came home, look what I have found out on the news…The hottest man in the world according to People magazine…Bradley Cooper. Let´s find out why!

Jennifer Lopez´s last date he, this American Hollywood actor is now according to People magazine the world´s most attractive man, and he is not a model, a real man. I´ll tell you the reasons why I think he deserves the title…he does!

1 – Because he has beautiful eyes and a captivating smile, which together with its1’86 cm and strongly built body make him a 10. Cool! 

2 – For its simplicity. Why complicate life when you can make it simple?

3 – For his skills and versatility.

4 – Because despite being one of the most desirable man, he do not define himself as a womanizer. 

5 – Because it is especially close to his family. Specially his mother since his father died.

6 – Because he began as an extra and very quickly reached the top. He is a doer not a talker!

7 –  Cause he is a nice guy both inside and outside of the screen. Cool but not cold! 🙂

8 – Because it behaves like a gentleman and always has good words of his former partners

9 – As is a graduate of Georgetown University.

0-Cause he loves cooking…Could we ask for more??

For sure he is a TEN guy that make us women Feelgood!! Viva men like Bradley Cooper! 🙂
Nice with a bit of inspiration, don´t you think so? And remmember dream don´t cost a thing!
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