Tapas “a la gallega”

galician tapas


Delicious seafood with pineapple around. Really good taste!


Wine Albariño wine from Galicia…I love it!

with some mandarine ice-cream…nice!

This Monday holidays in the whole Spain and meeting with relatives. A family reunion after long time!…amazing feeling to have close family in both Sweden and Spain…
Every time I´m in Spain, specially in Galicia, well known for probably the best seafood in the world and the good quality of food raw materials…I van´t not help asking for typical tapas everywhere I visit to eat. This time the popular Restaurant Manolito with lovely food and nice service in A Coruña. We got for free some shots by the way at the end of our meal. Thanks!

Tomorrow some friends and family from Sweden are coming to La Coruña to visit so for sure it´ll be another busy family day 🙂
Though Im having some time to find out new fabrics & products within interior to sell in my shop online to you soon…I´ll let you know as well…and this is because I really love my work. 🙂

Mixing work with pleasure, can´t be better, can it?