Business woman news: Zara co-founder, world second richest woman with her own effort

Hi there!. I am happy to introduce you this woman from La Coruña (where I was born) in Spain that with her own effort has become second richest woman in the world with Zara. The magazine Forbes has released one of the famous lists produced each year, women who have more than one million dollars and have done it by themselves, that is, they have made great sums of money through their own efforts and not through inheritance or other factors.

Fourteen women are the lucky ones on this list, dominated mostly by East, but among them there is a Spanish, at the top. This is Rosalia Mera, ex-wife and co-founder Amancio Ortega Zara, with 2,830 million euros. Rosalia began working alongside her husband creating lingerie and robes at home, and what began as a family business called Zara, eventually became the Inditex group, which controls 7%, and has stores throughout the world.

Viva entrepreneur women!

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Misslopez fashion tips: shorts at any time

This season, the good news is that the gateway allows you to take the shorts in almost, almost any circumstance: they are to go to the office, shopping, even for a more special night.

Short for an office look. How?  shorts as the image are from  Zara , add then a make-up beige top  and a trench.

Are you  staying with friends for a drink after work? You’ll love this style, consisting of navy blue shorts  and striped shirt . Complete the styling with a blazer, some high heels (by Alexander McQueen ) and a  fuchsia bag, to bring a touch of color.

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