The strong Independent Indian women

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How are you? I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and getting some sleep . Well thanks to my busy schedule I am hardly getting any sleep!

Talking about today’s topic , Its my personal favourite . The concept of being independent is different for different countries. In India being an independent women means being in charge of your own life. Obviously our parents have the right to guide us and show us the right path But it is important to get women the freedom to choose her career , her life partner her lifestyle , her style of clothes. It is surprising to see how the options of career or work are reduced  just because you are a women . Indian we say  Indian women are bad drivers. And on the contrary it is seen that in Sweden , public transport like buses are driven my women!

So yes guys its time we change our thinking and  our opinion on women!!


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Indian dresses ! Goodness Gracious!!

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Hi guys I’m back again and today in my blog I’m going to be talking about the best aspects of Indian clothing .Last time I had talked about what actually comprises of Indian clothes, today it’s going to be more about its importance .For  different occasions there  are different kinds of Indian clothes which are worn for example if there’s a wedding it’s not just a wedding it means there are going to be many Ceremonies .

For every ceremony there are different kinds of clothes with generally women wear depending upon their closeness to the bride or the groom(yes seriously!) . The Indian clothing emerged  from the time when India was ruled by Kings and Queens .The Queens also known as the Rani used to wear elaborate dresses which were  embroidered with gold .They used to wear heavy jewelry  along with it. As we know that India was ruled by the rulers of two different religions – one was the Rajputs and other was the Mughals. The kind of dressing for the rajputs and the mughals were very different to one another .Afterwards as  India developed the clothing changed according to the needs of the religion and culture .It is quite a thing to know how India progressed and how women clothes changed over the period of time . Earlier Indian hand woven  silk  clothing was famous all over the world .Many rulers from all over the world  used to come to India and buy hand-woven clothing material for the princess and queens. Indian  clothes were not just about culture and religion but also they have a kind of royalty in them .So I think whatever I said must have  shared  mush have really tempted you to buy an Indian dress  .You can always shop online and see some of the clothes for yourself .Well  talking about my experience today  in Sweden . Today I decided to go on a City Tour all by myself .So I went do the city and got down at Hotorget  station and  from there I walked  for like some 10 kilometers for about an hour.  I went to gamla stan   and it was so pretty to see the beach .People were just enjoying the weather here.It is so beautiful now and then I managed to just get lost in some random street but oh my God it was so beautiful. I could  see how Swedish people are enjoying the weather right now . Everybody is out in their shorts and in their skirts and sunbathing themselves .It’s  just so pretty.

Alright  guys , I am quite sleepy now . Well tomorrow I plan to roam around the Tekniska area and I plan to do a video soon.See you tomorrow!Goodnight !

Pasos para ser Asertivo

Pasos para ser Asertivo…

La asertividad nos permite conocer y establecer nuestros límites y comunicarnos a los demás, de una forma amable y amistosa,

A muchos nos cuesta decir que no , y muchas veces decimos sí por la falta de asertividad comunicativa…

Tips sencillos para que seas más asertivo en tu dia a dia:

Debes conocerte a ti misma y saber qué estás dispuesta a tolerar: Cuáles son tus límites. Cuando estés clara con respecto a esas fronteras. Autoconocimiento.

Aprende y asume que decir “no” es tu derecho: Tienes el derecho a negarte. Lo importante es la manera de decirlo, sin ser grosera o tajante

No te sientas culpable cuando digas que no:Como te dije en el punto anterior, decir “no” es tu derecho.

Toma conciencia de tu lenguaje corporal:.Enfatiza tus palabras con gestos, habla con tono calmado y firme, permite que la otra persona hable y se explique también.

Isabel Castillo

Psychologist / Life Coach

Steps to be assertive …

Assertiveness allows us to know and establish our limits and communicate to others, in a friendly and friendly way,

Many of us find it hard to say no, and many times we say yes because of the lack of communicative assertiveness …

Simple tips to be more assertive in your day to day:

You must know yourself and know what you are willing to tolerate: What are your limits? When you are clear about those borders. Self-knowledge

Learn and assume that saying “no” is your right: You have the right to refuse. The important thing is the way to say it, without being rude or blunt

Do not feel guilty when you say no: As I said in the previous point, saying “no” is your right.

Become aware of your body language:. Emphasize your words with gestures, speak calmly and firmly, let the other person speak and explain himself.

Isabel Castillo

Psychologist / Life Coach

Maquillaje de Contorno Simple y Espectacular

Hola a todos amigos hoy les traigo un breve y util truco para aquellas amigas que nos gusta el maquillaje, es bien simple,  se trata de cubrir las zonas que queremos disimular e iluminar las que queremos destacar, solo necesitamos:

Base del color de nuestra piel

Polvo compacto de un color mas oscuro

Corrector mas claro que nuestra piel

Brocha para difuminar

Les voy a dejar una foto de las zonas que yo contorno en mi rostro pero cada  una puede buscar en internet cuales son las zonas que debe contornear segun su rostro, aquí los pasos:

  1. Aplica la base en una capa ligera y extiendela bien por todo el rostro
  2. Aplica el polvo más oscuro en el contorno de tu cara , pómulos, laterales de la nariz, menton e inicio del cuello
  3. Aplica el corrector más claro en el centro de la frente, línea de la nariz, debajo y arriba del pómulo y barbilla.
  4. Utiliza la brocha de difuminar para suavizar las líneas entre los dos tonos, generosamente hasta que quede como diferentes tonos de bronceado en tu piel.

    Luego de esto pueden maquillarse como normalmente lo hacen sea para diario o para un momento especial, espero les guste, les envio mucho amor, y Bendiciones a todas y todos desde FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD.

Isabel Castillo

Psychologist and Life Coach

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Simple and Spectacular Contour Makeup

Hello to all friends today I bring you a brief and useful trick for those friends who like makeup, it is very simple, it is about covering the areas that we want to hide and illuminate which we want to highlight, we only need:

Base of the color of our skin

Compact powder of a darker color

Corrector lighter than our skin

Blur brush

I’m going to leave a picture of the areas that I outline on my face but each one can search the internet for the areas that should be outlined according to their face, here are the steps:

  1. Apply the base in a light layer and spread it well all over the face
  2. Apply the darkest powder on the contour of your face, cheekbones, sides of the nose, chin and neck start
  3. Apply the lightest concealer on the center of the forehead, nose line, below the cheekbone and chin.
  4. Use the blur brush to soften the lines between the two tones, generously until it is like different tanning tones on your skin.

    After this they can make up as they usually do for daily or for a special moment, I hope you like it, I send you a lot of love, and Blessings to everyone from FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD.

Isabel Castillo

Psychologist and Life Coach

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