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Happy Womens Day/ El Dia de la Mujer/ Kvinnodagen 2018 @FEELGOODWOMANHOOD

Swedish/ Grattis! Egentligen är jag inte mycket för att sätta en speciell dag för någonting, men om det hjälper, Välkommen.
För mig handlar det inte om att se oss själva som offrar utan att kunna inse vår makt för att vara precis de vi är: kvinnor!
Jag delar med mig några designade bilder jag har fått från Colombia idag, speciellt för den dagen till er alla: KvinnoDagen 2018!
Förresten jag är glad att annonsera att min Ideell Förening har bytt namn till FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD och snart ska vi börja jobba. Vill du hänga med?

Spanish. Hoy es el dia de la mujer y quiero compartir con vosotros y vosotras unos carteles realizados por un diseñador grafico directamente desde Colombia. Espero que os guste.
Aunque no soy realmente de crear un dia especial para algo que deberia ser todos los dias, creo que esta bien que se dedique in dia para las mujeres. al menos para hacernos recordar a todos y todas de nuestro enorme poder. Mi mensaje de hoy no es de victimismo sin de empoderamiento, ya que es lo unico que nos va a ayudar a conseguir nuestros objetivos de ser valoradas, ya que la toma de conciencia y la valoracion empieza por unoçuna misma.

Y como es el dia de la mujer en todo el mundo, hoy mas que nunca FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

Por cierto, el Universo ha querido 🙂 que mi nueva ONG se llame precisamente esto para conseguir nuestros objetivos: feelgood womanhood, ya esta en marcha y ya muy pronto nos pomdremos a trabajar todo el equipo de Feelgood Womanhood. Te unes?

Viva womens day
Viva el dia de las mujeres
Viva kvinnodagen 2018!


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Places to go at least once in a lifetime: Paradise Cove

Buon Giorno Miss Lopez people!!

Today is a sunny day in Rome, Italy, where I live but not that sunny as  it is in the place I would like us to go today : Paradise Cove.

Paradise Cove is a fantastic neighborhood in Malibu, California, USA with a VIP trailer park on it, a wonderful beach and an amazing pier, sand and cliffs view. It’s hard not to fall in love with it.

You need to be very wealthy to move to Paradise Cove but in the case you do it, your neighbors on Paradise ( doesn’t  it sound well?) will be Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson and Inception director Christopher Nolan among others. The good news is that you can just go there for a beach lunch day and that is a something everybody in L.A. area  can do, just take the Pacific Highway.

If you’re that lucky to go to the wonderful Beach cafe, opened since 1940, you’ll find a good and friendly service, kind people and you should order their great  ‘Cocolada”. It will surely make you feel better, whatever the problem.

Paradise Cove is a Bohemian beach for people who look for human touch, for people who knows that the point of life is spend time together and have good experiences together, the right place for Miss Lopez people, the right place to feelgood womanhood!!

For more information you can also visit the new beach site http://www.paradisecovemalibu.com/beachcafe/index09.html

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Miss Lopez´s blog among TOP 50 women´s rights blogs in USA

Hello! Miss Lopez here again. I´ve told you the other day there is something special with social media and online marketing that may make you really Feel good!. Feelgood Blogging as I have said the other day, so Check it out!

And you know what, it´s about the feedback you get from people and in Miss Lopez´s case from all over the world, and this time from USA. I have just got an e mail from Cate Newton from education online in USA, and said she and her group love Miss Lopez´s blog! Cool! And for a very good reason: women´r rights! I love the thing they got the message!

Here come Cate Newtown´s words:
I am writing to inform you that Miss Lopez has been featured on Online College Degrees’ list of the Top Women’s Rights Blogs, found here: http://www.onlinecollegedegrees.net/best-womens-rights-blogs. We hand-picked a list of our favorites and outlined the unique reasons why we love them.

They have decided this new year to focus their efforts on uncovering blog sites that wrote persuasively and positively on issues affecting women around the world. Many of the selected sites feature an emphasis on international womanhood, so as you may know already:

FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD and Feelgood everybody!

Here is my “degree” so Check it out and Viva Women celebrations! 🙂

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Miss Lopez having breakfast in London on my way to Stockholm

Hello my babies! Miss Lopez speaking from London to you. How are you doing today?. Myself I have just had my breakfast and I am on my way to Stockholm. I must say breakfast in Spain is very “continental”, just a coffee, an orange juice and maybe a croissant…but in countries like UK or Sweden breakfast is much bigger. I like that, a good star of the day!

I must say I have allways liked very much countries like UK, USA and I used to live in England before I moved to Sweden too. Once, I´ve had an American boy friend (not anymore) that studied economics at University in Stockholm, long time ago and I used to spend a lot of time in USA too. And now on my way to Sweden after almost two weeks in Spain. I love interaction betwen cultures and I think it´s nice being international, don´t you agree? I hope with my blog I can contribute to more international undertanding too, and for women rights too! Feelgood Womanhood to all women all over the world! 🙂

You know, “la donna é móbile” as it´s said in Italian and this suits me very well, doesn´t it?

Viva international relationships and Feelgood! More news are coming too…

See you soon from Stockholm too. Hasta la vista babies!