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Now Miss Lopez Städ voucher at Styling by Brazil salon at Medborgatplatsen and Define Skönhet & Hälsa

Hi! Sorry I could not blog yesterday…too busy with business you know but today you get fresh Miss Lopez news from by business adventures of the past day!

Now you´ll get Miss Lopez Städ voucher at Styling by Brazil. Yesterday I went to do my nails and hair and I left some vouchers there. Check it out!

getting my nails done…nice!

now you´ll get too a Miss Lopez städ voucher at Styling by Brazil…

me with a hairdresser from Styling by Brazil at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

then I have had a female business lunch a Karolinska Institutet. Don´t you think it´s a good idea having Tapas event with Miss Lopez for companies? I do! Viva women helping women! :)

Then I met the owner & entrepreneur Mou at her clinic for body shaping, Define Skönhet & Hälsa. She is very happy as she told me my blogging helped her to have more clients too. Cool! & I love it! :)

Now Miss Lopez Städ voucher at Define Skönhet & Hälsa clinic too. Get yours too!

Me just before having the beauty treatment drinking lots of water! always good!

in the process…It feels so good aftewards!

and then I went to Kreativ kafe at Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. There I met this coucher in a seminar about how to put down stress with the help of our body & breathing. Body & Soul together to feel good!

Viva doing sharing the love & business and Feelgood!

Viva Miss Lopez voucher! Hasta la vista amigos! :) More coming soon…

De tapas por Madrid in a week…meanwhile working with Miss Lopez Städ

In a week I´ll be having tapas in Madrid again…I love tapas  culture in Spain!

Well, after a merry weekend when many things happened 😀 in a week I am going to Madrid again. Just a bit sorry I can not be there now as there is a BIG party these days: La Berbena de La palona with San Isidro! Check more here, http://enjoy-madrid.com/madrid-fairs-events/san-isidro-madrid-2012 This is a typical party in Madrid this time of the year. I wish I was there Viva San Isidro!

Well I must work with Miss Lopez Städ and now we are having a contest again in Stockholm for those wishing to win 6 hours cleaning for a month. You just have to send me an e mail to info@misslopez.se telling me why you want to win or a meaning about Miss Lopez Städ f your wish . Good Luck! Check more here aout my Facebook event http://www.facebook.com/events/228054320639958/?context=create Perfect now the summer is just around the corner…Cool!

By the way do you remmember my last time in Madrid? Check Miss Lopez in a Matador dress!

From my uncle Antonio López…don´t you like it?

Here Miss Lopez at Real Madrid football stadium, Santiago Bernabeu from my last time in Madrid. Viva el Real Madrid! :)

I promise I will bring more pictures about Madrid this next time in a week!

But before party that Let´s work!  :)

with Miss Lopez städ too! Viva Miss Lopez Städ for everybody!

And do not forget to participate in my Facebood event: http://www.facebook.com/events/228054320639958/?context=create

Viva Miss Lopez Städ! :)

Cultural afternoon at Instituto Cervantes but before…

Hi! Yes today I have had the pleasure to be invited to an event as press at Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm the day before the BIG opening…but before that first in the morning I have got the help of Miss Lopez Städ at home…Nice!

Here one of my staff working from MISS LOPEZ STÄD. With my busy life as a business woman it´s a BIG help for me and it feels so great being able to create jobs possibilities to people. And there are more…business ideas coming! Viva Miss Lopez business ideas! :)

So after my working day…more work! as a blog reporter this time at Instituto Cervantes in Stockholm & mingel…

The thing is tomorrow starts an exposition about Goya (a Spanish famous artist) as a chronicler of the war disasters in Spain during the war of Independence in the French era in Spain of Napoleon around 200 years ago. But not only that, this event that starts tomorrow is about the importance of reporting desasters by all war reporters and journalists to prevent them in the future as well to understand the pointless of all violence in human history… I agree.

Here an image of Goya, the famous Spanish artist. I still remmember when I have been in Museo del Prado in Madrid seeing La Maja de Goya, one of his most famous pictures…I love art! Didn´t you know I always wanted to be an artist & journalist?

And then when I came back home I was so happy to see all my home so clean & fresh. Thanks to Miss Lopez Städ! :) Here with my TOUS bag. I love it!

`Cause I worth it after a long working day… :) Don´t you worth it too?

Viva Miss Lopez Städ for everybody!… Interested send me a mail to info@misslopez.se

Hasta la vista amigos! 

Tapas again with new business ideas too…

This Saturday I have had a new Tapas event…with lovely people :)

Having fun during the event! I love dancing, didn´t you know? :)

Here getting ready before the tapas cooking course with my T shirt & logo. I love it!

People working hard…

The sangria making of…

Sangria by Miss Lopez, I hope you like it! Would you like to have my recept?

And the winner of three hours cleaning by MISS LOPEZ STÄD is…very happy!!

It´s been a pleasure having this new Tapas event with such a lovely people. Besides they gave me tips about how to develop the Miss Lopez Tapas concept. I think it´s GREAT!

And of course this is FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD too! Viva sharing business ideas & Feelgood!

Hasta pronto amigos & amigas!

At the salon again “Styling by Brazil”, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

I did my manicure today very natural by the way. Here the owner of the salon STYLING BY BRAZIL from Brazil too. Cool!

Then the Brazilian depilation…

Just before…

I am so happy with my new sponsor. Many things, events… going on together soon.

Here with the team at STYLING BY BRAZIL in Stockholm!!! Katarina Bangatan 15, Medborgarplatsen.

Then I had a lunch & business meetings with NEW ideas all day… Nice!

And tomorrow getting ready for one of my tapas events with more sponsors like Miss Lopez Städ & more!

Hasta la vista! and Viva Miss Lopez sponsors!!! :)