Indian Street food Hogging


Hey Guys!

Me enjoying between college breaks

I am back in India. It’s been a long time since I have blogged . I am really excited  to get back to talking to you guys again. How have you all been ? How were your holidays ? Its been super awesome here. I am back to my college and I have been working on some projects . The best part of being back is that I can enjoy Indian street food between my college breaks . So whenever my work load increases I just go out with my friends and enjoy the «Tikkas » , the «chaats» . Indian street food  is very flavorful . It has the right amount of spice in it. My super favorite dish that I generally eat at the place «BALI» is Momos .  I have also tried other things but this being the best, I eat the most!

So yes its been amazing to be back , I hope to blog soon again .

So see you guys!

Bye !!





The Concept of Joint family in India

Hey Guys, Its Shreya again. And the weather in Sweden is just so awesome . The Gamla Stan area is so nice to just walk around. Its has become my routine to walk around that place and hang out there after work.

Here is a picture of me Chilling!


Well today I want to talk about the concept of joint family which persists in India. Once of the best thing about the Indian culture is that everyone stays together. The whole family is like one strong unit. In older times most of the family used to have  15-20 people living together under one roof. All siblings and their children used to stay together. Nowadays this has become less given that it is easy to settle in different part of the country to better work opportunities . But still many family still have the grandparents -parents-children living together . In fact  even I stay in a joint family . The best part of a joint family is that your grandmother cooks you delicious food daily.

my cute little Indian family