The strong Independent Indian women

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How are you? I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and getting some sleep . Well thanks to my busy schedule I am hardly getting any sleep!

Talking about today’s topic , Its my personal favourite . The concept of being independent is different for different countries. In India being an independent women means being in charge of your own life. Obviously our parents have the right to guide us and show us the right path But it is important to get women the freedom to choose her career , her life partner her lifestyle , her style of clothes. It is surprising to see how the options of career or work are reduced  just because you are a women . Indian we say  Indian women are bad drivers. And on the contrary it is seen that in Sweden , public transport like buses are driven my women!

So yes guys its time we change our thinking and  our opinion on women!!


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Indian Women in technical fields

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Well its my last week in Sweden and I am looking forward to going back to India . I miss not eating 1000 different types of tasty Indian snacks. So I even watched the  Sweden – England Football match . Well even though Sweden lost , we should be happy that they made it to  this level. It was so nice to see every one cheering for the team and enjoying it. In  fact even I watched the  match in my office with my teammates  and it was kind of a party.

Well today I want to talk about how Indian women are more more  inclined towards taking up technical job . In India there is a huge gap between the number of Women  and the number of men taking up Engineering and related fields . Now even though the trend is changing but still its not completed changed.. Also even men are changing their fields . Its surprising to see how many Indian men are quitting their jobs and taking up stand up comedy . Well I guess finally we are understanding that no job is ”better” or more prestigious its just what gives you happiness.

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Life of a working Indian woman

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How are you? It’s been a while since I last blogged. I had gone to visit the close by countries of Sweden. It was a really fun trip. I flew down  to Eindhoven . From there we went for a road trip to many countries. The first place we went to was Amsterdam . Later we went to luxembourg and on our way back we took a halt at Liege.  It is such a beautiful place. On the next day we covered Cologne  and Dusseldorf in Germany. In Belgium we also drove down to Brussels and Brugge. And guess what guys, I enjoyed Indian food in Germany as well as Belgium . The Indian naan, dal makhani, paneer masala and Butter chicken . The places were extremely serene and beautiful. Since all holidays come to an end , so here I am back in Stockholm. In India the work culture is extremely different. Especially for women , they have to manage between their family and work. I would not say that its the women who are completely responsible for the upbringing of their families  but for them their families and their kids are most important. But for a modern Indian women, Career and work is equally crucial. To meet the deadlines, they multitask- getting up in the morning, pack their lunch , going to office , cooking dinner etc. Indian women is surely a super women.

The social status of Indian women has been changing from ancient to Modern periods. Due to many social reforms more and more  women are coming up and raising their voices against injustice and fighting for their rights!

Well , I believe women across the globe  work very hard to make things happen . So lets just say we owe one to our moms, grandmoms, sisters , aunts.I will be back with more stuff soon!

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Written and edited by Shreya kohli

Pictures by Shreya Kohli



Namaste Stockholm Festival guys
So this weekend I went to Namaste Stockholm Festival .It was very nice. I was very surprised to see the number of people who had come to witness the event. The show started at around 8 in the morning with yoga classes and it went up to 11 p.m. with Hindi music DJ .The night was like a lottery day for all the Indian people in Stockholm .Everybody was dancing, singing and enjoying. Also the weather was perfect for such an occasion.I was amazed to see that it was not just Indian people who were there but also Swedish, Italian ,Spanish people from all over were there to enjoy the beautiful dance performances happening in that Festival .I also ate from mini food trucks which provided with Indian food and Indian snack .The dance performances included Indian classical dance kathak and other dances from various states of India .Also we witness that there was a fusion of Indian dance along with a Hollywood song- shape of you .With young ladies and boys dancing it was truly an amazing sight to see .Also the cultural performance ended with performers holding JAI HIND posters in their hand .It was so totally a patriotic moment .I managed to eat some Indian Delicacies. The food stalls were overcrowded and their food was finished Way Before Time. It just shows the number of people who turned up for the evening. The dance performances were organized by many dance groups who provide training to children and adults. You can look at some of the pictures which I have shared in this blog Also I decided to do something fun in the Fest .You can surely look up in the YouTube link I have shared .

So guys, see you next time when I was talking more about Indian women and some other aspects
so bye and goodnight!