Misslopez travel tips: Follow the footsteps of frida Kahlo in Mexico

Hi!. Misslopez likes the artist Frida Kahlo. Do you know who I am talking about?. Here comes some cultural tips that I find interesting to share with you. By the way, Salma Hayek made a great film of her life. Perfect as both are mexicans!.

She was married to the famous painter Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo battled against the society that she lived to stand out as one of the greatest  artists of the twentieth century and she is a woman!.

Travel to Mexico and discover the country that gave birth to the artist and the inspiration for all her masterpieces. It was this unique mix of Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations, colonialism and political turmoil of the contemporary era which made possible her artistic explosion. See with your own eyes the vegetation, landscape and the colors that fill the tables of this extraordinary woman in Mexico.

Feelgood Womanhood!

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The mexican Salma Hayek, one of the queens at Cannes

Do you know that  Salma Hayek help her friend Penelope Cruz to raise money for a good cause?. This way, with her outfit like the one she had in red  at the Film Festival was widely applauded at the opening of the festival and afterwards went to the auction organized by Penelope Cruz and Sean Penn, whose benefits have been intended for earthquake victims in Haiti. Salma´s suit reached the highest figure, 17,000 , ahead of Donna Karan dress that Penelope had at the last edition ofthe Oscar .

After ten days of intense Film Festival at Cannes, Salma remains one of the queens of the evening with a dress in beige  Gucci Première , a new collection owns by her husband, Francois- Henri Pinault . (Hola photo)

Salma looks like a queen, don´t you think?

Feelgood Womanhood


Cannes 2010 best dresses: Latin Eva Longoria and Salma Hatek

Cannes red carpet continues to represent the essence of glamor at its best. last night on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the 63rd edition of the event were many stars that came to the Palacio de la Croisette and two great moments focused world attention: one, film, and another and the most interest aroused, the parade of stars, and Eva Longoria och Salma Hayek´s dresses were among the best ones.

Latin women at its best!

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