Princess Madeleine of Sweden in a Victoria Beckham`s outfit

Hello! You know I love fashion tips…and these are Royal tips! 🙂 These remind me of my time living in UK.

Here at you can see Madeleine of Sweden to the left in a black dress from Victoria Beckham. Good choice when Prince Charles came from England for visiting the Swedish Royal family after Princess Victoria giving birth. And you do you like Princess Madeleine in British designer outfit, Victoria Beckham?

Viva getting fashion tips & inspiration! Viva la primavera in Sweden too!

Nice picture of the Swedish Royal family wishing us a prosperous New Year 2012!

Hi amigos! Photo by Look what I´ve found out on the Swedish Royal Family site. Nice picture from this last summar in Sweden. I like it! So refreshing! Here the whole Swedish Royal family with the King Gustav, the Queen Sylvia, Prince Philip, Princess Madeleine and Victoria with her Prince Daniel now expecting her first child soon.

Interested I guess for both my Swedish and very much as well for my non Swedish friends all over the world. Viva Miss Lopez international readers! 🙂

OK the countdown has started. Less time left to New Year´s Eve. From Miss Lopez too, we wish you a very Happy New Year 2012 too! For many years together!!! by Miss Lopez

Feliz Año Nuevo 2012! in Swedish Gott Nytt År 2012

Hasta Pronto Amigos! 🙂

You may notice the feelgood & royal belly now of Princess Victoria…

Hola!  Feelgood News from Oslo!! Today after having a meeting for women´s entrepreneurship I am here blogging again. For some reason I love writing about Princess Victoria. She is really popular in Spain and she is everywhere in the news. Maybe as she inspires me/us so much Feelgood Womanhood? Cool! Viva Feelgood role models!

Well, the Norwegian royal family,  ordinary citizens and Crown Princes Victoria of Sweden and Daniel joined today in Oslo the Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit´s celebrations of their ten years marriage. So many people outside the church! …we can also see an emerging pregnant belly. Congratulations!

And Viva Family Celebrations! & Feelgood

La Familia Real noruega, representantes de la Noruega oficial, ciudadanos comunes y los príncipes herederos Victoria y Daniel de Suecia acompañaron hoy en la catedral de Oslo a los príncipes Haakon y Mette-Marit para celebrar sus diez años de casados. Cientos de cursiosos se agolpaban desde antes del inicio de la ceremonia religiosa en los aledaños de la catedral para ver a los principes…también podemos ver un incipiente vientre de embarazada. Felicidades!

Feelgood News: Princess Victoria of Sweden is expecting a baby!!

Hello!! Reading the news in Sweden, the big announcement of the day from the Swedish Royal Family speaker: “Her Royal Highness the Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are happy to announce that the princess is expecting  her first child. The birth is expected in March 2012. No changes  in the official engagements of the Princess in the fall of 2011”.

Cool!! With this brief note, the Swedish Royal House today made the happy announcement of the pregnancy of the future Queen of Sweden.

Congratulation from Miss Lopez!!! Very Good News, Viva Feelgood News!!!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD!! with a Royal touch! 🙂