Misslopez tips: avoid lumbago, pain in the back

Hi there!. I give you some useful tips to avoid lumbago. Here you have:

  • 1-Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Try and take regular and moderate exercise.
  • 2-Watch your weight. If you are overweight you are imposing additional stress on your back; losing weight will tend to alleviate the symptoms associated with back problems.
  • 3-Choose the right bed. A hard mattress, or one specifically designed for back sufferers will make a big difference.
  • 4-Applying local heat often alleviates pain.
  • 5-Relaxation, massage and stretching can be very effective.
  • ?Back pain may be associated with weight gain, bad posture and breathing habits. ?
  • Special exercise routines and workouts for the back are very beneficial, but should be supervised by an expert.

 Take care of yourself and Feelgood

Bachata Queen:New blogger on Misslopez.se

"New blogger on misslopez.se
Marcela Cardenas

Hola all misslopez.se readers!

My name is Marcela Cardenas and I will from now  be blogging about dance, music, events and lifestyle here on misslopez.se. I’ll write from my point of view, being a latina in Sweden and keep you up to date. My articles will go under the name Bachata Queen.

About me, well, I have my roots in South America but I’m born and raiced in Sweden. I’m 26, a single mom and I have my own company, M Dans. You could say that I live for two things in life, my lovely daughter and dancing, but I’m a hopless romantic as well and love is a word that makes my heart skip a beat. If I would describe myself with three words it would be creative, outgoing and loving. I love Bachata dancing, sunsets and Maryland chocolate cookies. And I hate trashtalking, lonely sunday mornings and the smell of lamb cooking. If you’re eager to know more about me surf to www.mdans.net and read my blogg.

I’ll see you around! Love, Bachata Queen