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Health tips: vegetable powders by Dr. Cowan Garden

English/ yesterday at Rosendal’s garden in Djurgården I got so much inspiration…so today Monday I want to start the week the right way, with healthy tips. In fact I have a collaboration with DrCowensgader (adlink) so this is my tip. By the way you only can order with an USA adress. You those you don’t still interesting information to share…
Here me yesterday at Rosendal’s garden. So many expats as well from USA I could hear…this is the new trend, for always I hope 🙂

Miss lopez health tips

So, a little about the company. Dr Cowan garden started by having large excesses in a garden . The founder the idea to make vegetable powders and sell them to patients in his practice. It has grown leaps and bounds since then, and Dr Cowan’s garden now have thousands of people all across the US. Dr Cowan and I believe that vegetable diversity is one of the keys to optimal health, and they make vegetable powders to help people do that. By diversity, Dr Cowan’sGarden mean all the different colors, parts of the plant (root, leaves, and flowering/fruit vegetables) as well as annual and perennial, cultivated and wild vegetables. Very difficult to do that using fresh vegetables, so vegetable powders are the easiest and best way to achieve that.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?
The garden is located in Napa, CA and we process the vegetables in our facility in nearby Vallejo, CA.

Maybe a good idea to have in Sweden or Spain too… 🙂

here comes the powder to order from CA USA

Back to Rosendal’ garden, nice, isn’t it?. I love this idea of improving health by nature, don’t you?

A perfect way to use excess from vegetables in a garden, like this. Why not?

in cooperation with DrCowen’sGarden (ad link)