Manolo Blahnik shoes from Sex in the City in cooperation with Madame TOUS

Check new video about the new cooperation between Spanish TOUS & Manolo Blahnik (from Spain too) loved shoes by Carrie in Sex and the City. I remmember Madame TOUS in her visit to Stockholm at TOUS Stureplan. She has so much carisma!

Viva Feelgood Womanhood!


Madame TOUS & Miss Lopez at Stureplan

Here Madame TOUS, Miss Lopez & Rosa Tous with the symbol, the bear! Gullig! Cute!! 🙂

Here Madame Tous, J.Lo and Rosa Tous in L.A. during the ad making of…Cool!

me with the Tous bear…

J.Lo, Miss Lopez and the shoes from Sex and the City, Manolo Blahnik, Cooool!

Madame Tous & Passion for business

Rosa Tous with the amazing earrings on from TOUS

Madame TOUS from Barcelona Spain

The star of the party, of course Madame TOUS. This Spanish woman, married to TOUS for more than 45 years ago is the soul of the company. Since she started in the business to help her husband, the company got a taking off with nearly 400 shops worldwide. TOUS are mostly big in Spain, Mexico and USA is their third country…Well this woman is something to look up, a business woman icon for sure to all women! Married from 18, with 4 children started to help her husband and now she is the soul & star of the company. She put all her heart on it and she told me she gets all the support of her husband too. I love this! Not many times men support women all way in their business. She is a lucky woman for sure with so much carisma! You should see her. She is a star! and a real business woman.

Viva business women and men´s support all the way and Feelgood!