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Spanish/ Hola a todos mis amigos lectores de este maravillosos blog, los  saludo con mucho carino la reportera para los Estados Unidos , y representante de la ONG FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD.

Me disculpo por mi ausencia, he estado haciendo unos cambios necesarios en mi vida que necesitaban mi atencion y mi tiempo, sin embargo siempre en contacto con Isabel Lopez mi coach personal y mi mentora.

Y ven que la semana pasada les dejamos unos videos interesantes en nuestro canal de youtube. Manana les dejare otro en la misma linea del aprendizaje y crecimiento personal. Y principalmente Isabel Lopez quien ha seguido con nuestra mision y objetivo de transmitir a traves de videos, esa informacion que nos ha servido aplicarla en nuestras vidas.

Hace unos dias estuve disfrutando de la playa Madeira Beach, en la Florida West Coast, agradecida siempre de vivir momentos que los hacemos felices solo con nuestra intencion de vivirlos plenamente.

Un abrazo, y mucho amor, les envio.

Isabel Castillo.


English / Hello to all the readers of this wonderful blog , I greet with great love, the reporter for the United States, and representative of the  FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD.

I apologize for my absence, I have been making some necessary changes in my life that needed my attention and my time, but  always in contact with Isabel Lopez, my personal coach and my mentor.

Like you can see,  last week we left you some interesting videos on our YouTube channel. Tomorrow I will leave you another in the same line of learning and personal growth. And mainly Isabel Lopez who has continued with our mission and goal of transmitting through videos, all the information that has helped us to apply it in our life.

A few days ago I was enjoying Madeira Beach, in the Florida West Coast, always grateful to live  all moments that makes us happy only with our intention to live them fully. I send you a big hug, and a lot of love…

Isabel Castillo.


Happy Womens Day/ El Dia de la Mujer/ Kvinnodagen 2018 @FEELGOODWOMANHOOD

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Swedish/ Grattis! Egentligen är jag inte mycket för att sätta en speciell dag för någonting, men om det hjälper, Välkommen.
För mig handlar det inte om att se oss själva som offrar utan att kunna inse vår makt för att vara precis de vi är: kvinnor!
Jag delar med mig några designade bilder jag har fått från Colombia idag, speciellt för den dagen till er alla: KvinnoDagen 2018!
Förresten jag är glad att annonsera att min Ideell Förening har bytt namn till FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD och snart ska vi börja jobba. Vill du hänga med?

Spanish. Hoy es el dia de la mujer y quiero compartir con vosotros y vosotras unos carteles realizados por un diseñador grafico directamente desde Colombia. Espero que os guste.
Aunque no soy realmente de crear un dia especial para algo que deberia ser todos los dias, creo que esta bien que se dedique in dia para las mujeres. al menos para hacernos recordar a todos y todas de nuestro enorme poder. Mi mensaje de hoy no es de victimismo sin de empoderamiento, ya que es lo unico que nos va a ayudar a conseguir nuestros objetivos de ser valoradas, ya que la toma de conciencia y la valoracion empieza por unoçuna misma.

Y como es el dia de la mujer en todo el mundo, hoy mas que nunca FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

Por cierto, el Universo ha querido 🙂 que mi nueva ONG se llame precisamente esto para conseguir nuestros objetivos: feelgood womanhood, ya esta en marcha y ya muy pronto nos pomdremos a trabajar todo el equipo de Feelgood Womanhood. Te unes?

Viva womens day
Viva el dia de las mujeres
Viva kvinnodagen 2018!




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Hello friends, I hope you all have a happy day, in this week of love I bring you some things to do to raise your vibration and attract your soul mate. As always I remind you that everything is born of self-love, and to bind the love that we deserve we must begin to love us before all things.

     Almost every person feels a longing for companionship. We feel this as a desire for union with another person. But, What is a soul mate? A soul mate is a complement to oneself. It is more than merely a physical attraction; it is a capacity to help each other at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    First is the principle that we are here on the earth for the purpose of growth and development in consciousness. What is more, associations with some individuals are more conductive to growth than associations with others; therefore, it is prudent to choose carefully our companions.

    6 Steps to follow for your own well being which in turn attracts a suitable soul mate…

  1. Meditate & Pray: This alleviates stress and enhances your energy. It allows for a balanced, loving sense of self as well as towards others.
  2. Eliminate all toxic influences in your life: food, substances, people, news, and entertainment. These create negativity and influences you in many ways. Be yourself.
  3. Cultivate space and time and your life: Relationships take time and space. Don’t be over busy.
  4. Cultivate health in all three areas of mind, body, emotional, and soul.
  5. Develop your own specific purpose in life, whether it is a job, career, hobby or volunteer, the follow that purpose.
  6. Pursue your passion in life, whatever it is. Passion in one part of your life creates passion in all areas. Passion attracts a soul mate.

I send a lot of unconditional love to everyone from Florida, your faithful writer for FEELGOO WOMANHOOD, soon we will bring you many surprises that we are preparing Isabel Lopez and my people. Greetings.

Isabel Castillo

Psychologist / Life Coach


Find out Miss Lopez way of getting fit! And You, what do you do? by Miss López

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Hola amigos!! MISS LOPEZ !! Miss Isabel Lopez for You today!! 🙂 Now is raining a lot but still the summer is round the corner. It seems as the warm weather arrives everybody take to the streets to get in shape. Don´t you think so? Fitness disciplines chosen are usually outdoor fitness. Running , jogging , yoga , cycling are some of the most requested by the VIP stars. And you,  are you crazy about fitness? 🙂

How would you like to get in shape? Running, jogging in the city , hatha yoga or riding are ones of the most popular options. But I must confess you something, my secret, I, Miss Lopez prefer dancing so probably dancing “on the floor” would be a much better way to get fit for me. By the way I like this new song of the Great Miss Lopez 🙂 and nice video too!!

By the way, I´d love to invite You to my new MISS LOPEZ Health event the 8th of May in Stockholm where you will have the change to meet my personal health coach in Sweden, get a lot of tips, healthy tasty products as well as a body scanning later on for free for those who want it. I think it is good to combine all in one, fitness, quality food and why not, great dancing! as Miss Lopez does. Don´t you think?

And you would you like to dance with Miss Lopez to make me get fit this sommer? 🙂

Viva getting fit the way you wanted and FEELGOOD!!