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New blogger at Miss Lopez: Miss Stena from Philippines [en]

Hello! This is Miss Stena! The picture was taken in the Philippines. But now I am living in Sweden. Check out my next picture from the beach in the Philippines!

Hello! I am the new assistant of Miss Lopez.. I came from the Philippines, it is home to a wide range of beautiful sites and entertainment.. Filipinos speak a combination of Tagalog, Spanish and English.. The Philippines has some Spanish, Chinese, and American background as well.. A little bit of everything.. I am so happy to be given the opportunity to work with Miss Lopez and I am looking forward in helping her with the company in anyway that I can.

Today I have been working with Miss Lopez new project: Miss Lopez Städ for Sweden. More on the Philippines on my next post…

Hope you will enjoy this as much as me..! :) Viva Feel Good Womanhood all over the world!!!

Handsome beauty for women to improve your sex appeal this Fall-Winter 2011-2012 [en]

Hello mis amigos & amigas! Miss Lopez is back with more fashion news this time…after an interesting weekend and an hour more of sweet sleep today. Nice! I love it! :)

You know, these days of gender equality men take, or at least are supposed to care of their children, clean and cook. But at the same time they do not wear skirts or make-up (in general).  Actually if they do, they are considered gay or eccentric!!!!!!!!!!!!. (I like it!) At least this is the common idea among most of the population. In contrast, if a woman takes a manly styling it is not considered as a lesbian.  Why do you think is so? I think the key lies in history.  It´s not just about icons in art & fashion from the past like: Édith Piaf, Lauren Bacall, Jean Seberg, Diane Keaton…I believe there is a socio-cultural reason: in most of the civilizations is the woman who has had to fight for their freedom so one of her arms has been to be more like them physically. Here from Miss Lopez we do not think you have to try to look like a man to get equal rights but it can be just fun! :)

But Yes, we Women demand equal rights like men and at the same time we want to remain feminine and feel beautiful, seductive and captivating…so What can be more attractive than the ambiguity?…Cool! Interesting question, don´t you think so? And YOU, what do you think?

Get inspired by handsome beauty style for women! Check Penelope Cruz´s new style!

From Balmain catwalk Fall Winter 2011-2012…as many other designers this new season. Masculine Style is IN! & Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool too!

Venture Up the Handsome Beauty in YOU! Have Fun & feelgood!


By the way Sleep Well & Sweet Dreams by Miss Lopez! :)

Breaking News: Now Learning Spanish by Miss López. Check Loba! [en]

Well, you know LOPEZ is a Spanish surname deriving from Latin Lupus that means wolf, now Lobo for the masculine and Loba for the femenine in the Spanish language nowadays…Lisen to Shakira singing in Spanish  in “Loba”. I like it, do you?

And you, would you like to learn more Spanish with Miss Lopez?… :)

Coming soon…

Hasta la vista Amigos!!

Miss Lopez with Maud Olofsson, Swedish Minister for enterprise & energy at Ambassadorer´s seminar [en]

Hello! Better late than never…so here comes a new Miss lopez´s post. Did you miss me? :)

Do you know Maud Olofsson, Swedish Minister of enterprise & energy is going to travel all the way to USA from Sweden to work together at the White House in Washington with Hillary Clinton helping women entrepreneurship in the world? Now you know ´cause it´s true! :) I must say I love politics to make a difference for better and together change the world! Viva women entrepreneurship!

On the 16th of September I have had the pleasure to assist to Women Entrepreneurship seminar with Ambassadorer in Stockholm so first of all, check the pictures. I hope you like them!

Swedish Minister of enterprise & energy, Maud Olofsson and Miss Lopez with Ambassadorer from Swedish Agency of Growth.

I loved lisening to her! Such a good words she said about women entrepreneurship in Sweden.

Here Maud Olofsson giving the Ambassadorer´s awards to the best ones…

Having a debate and on their back the pictures of Maud olofsson with Princess Victoria of Sweden. Really Nice!

Karin Klerfelt from Astarcan and Maud Olofsson

Delicious Scandinavian salmon for lunch. You´ll love it too!

And after this intense and interesting day for women etrepreneurship I went to a party where I met my old pupils in Spanish. Do you know I am a teacher too? Learn Spanish with Miss López & Feelgood!

And as Maud Olofsson said: “Sweden is to be the world’s best country to live, work and run a business in. Our innovative capacity and entrepreneurship will create the jobs of the future. Our objective is to enable people and businesses throughout the country to grow and develop through their own efforts.”

Then I am happy to be in Sweden…Check my new project too: Global Kompetens

Cool to get so muh inspiration from Maud Olofsson, don´t you think so? Let´s work together for a better world & feelgood!


Cool to be Spanish, didn´t you know? `cause it´s true! [en]


Hello! Miss Lopez is here! You know reading the news today I got this to you: 30,000 people from 15 different countries have voted through the social network to choose world’s coolest nationality and Spain after USA and Brasil is the world´s cooooooolest country in the list. I am not surprised, Spain is different: our culture, our way of life, our corners full of history … a captivating attitude towards life , an attitude, a style, a philosophy of being spontaneous and expressing people. Cool! I miss this so much from Spain!! Viva being spontaneous and expressive people! (very different from the Scandinavian countries)… :) Don´t get mad at me, I mean well…
Spain is not only tapas and flamenco, so much more and of course Almodovar or Penelope Cruz in the picture that I love so much, don´t you?
In the world rankings, USA  is  the leader. According to Price, has the world’s coolest President Obama, “the coolest rappers Jay Z and Snoop Dogg, and the man of cool technology, Steve Jobs of Apple, the man who created the cool geek.” Among American icons are valued Levi’s, Harley Davidson, Eminem and Michael Jackson, and the iPod or iPhone. In second place is Brazil in Latin America, carnival and cool!
So today as a good ambassador of the Spanish culture in Sweden I went to Tur Spain in Stureplan for my new project and after a working business day  with Miss Lopez project & Global Kompetens, I went to a Tie Nordic event too, cool!
Be spontaneous & be cool! Be more Spanish & Feelgood! Viva expressing your feeling when you want!!!
One little kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is Miss Lopez