I like «culottes» too. De nya byxor

Här kommer lite fashion nyheter från Miss Lopez. Culottes (stora byxor inte så långa) är inne till sommaren och även om plagget känns det väldigt modekänslig, i Love IT! Men detta beroende på hur man har det…

Kolla på lite tips & fashion inspiration.




J.Lo tycker om det också, känns det då 🙂 och det passar henne.


Blanca Suarez, spansk skådespelerska… Fin!


Chrissy Teigen, riktig lyckad med den oranga toppen, eller hur?

Viva culottes för sommaren och Feelgood!

Que vienen los cullotes!


News from Hollywood! I got a bit touched too…See J.Lo at the Walk of fame getting the star 2500!

jennifer lopez at the walk of fame


Here J.Lo getting her start at the walk of fame in Hollywood. Star nummer 2500

Aqui la mismísima J.Lo al recibir su estrella. La numero 2500 por cierto!

Här J.Lo glad efter hon har fått sitt star! 🙂 Grattis!

(photos from hola)

j.lo at the walk of fame

She got touched…She deserve it. Such a role model for many women & entrepreneur! Congratulations!

Verdaderamente es una mujer que se lo merece! Ya era hora! 🙂

Grattis! Du är värd!

jennifer lopez & smart


and now time to celebrate!

Que empieze la fiesta con familia & amor & amigos!



Viva good role models / förebilder / & feelgood!

Viva Hollywood & Feelgood Womanhood! 🙂


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Hollywood´ News, Oscars new edition…three MC Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and J. Lopez


And the winner will be… I have just found out on the news the new masters of ceremonies at Hollywood Oscar new 84 th edition are these three & more. Here one of them Jennifer Lopez at Kodak before.

I won´t miss it, will you? Cool! Viva Hollywood & Miss Lopez News! 🙂

and Feelgood Womanhood!!! anywhere…


A possible catalyst: Check the Cuban model Wiliam Levy!


Hello! I love this video, do you? But talking about rumours…The Cuban actor and model William Levy in this video has categorically denied any involvement in the breakup of the marriage between JenniferLopez and Marc Anthony.  The actor, who lives in Mexico recorded a video a few months ago on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean for one of the themes of the artist’s latest album. Following the announcement of the couple that their marriage were terminated, the name of Levy emerged as apotential catalyst that led to the breakup.
and I wonder, what comes to your mind when you see this video?? Let me know!! Whatever very suggesting images, don´t you think so? 🙂
Feelgood Womanhood!!