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Make business and help integration too, like Inditex, Zara.

Hello!. I think this is a good way of making business. Do you know that the Spanish fashion group, Inditex, presses ahead with an initiative which integrates people with disabilities into its workforce?. Yes it´s true and from Galicia, the region from Spain I come from.

According to Fashion from Spain, the Inditex Group, one of the great ambassadors for Spanish fashion, has just opened its second For&From shop in Galicia, the fourth to have joined the project. On this occasion, Tempe — the company that designs, manufactures and distributes the group’s footwear – has committed to this social initiative opening a new point of sale in the Galician town of Allariz, which sells footwear and accessories under the Inditex label.

For&From is a joint initiative between businesses and leading disability organisations, which aims to explore new ways of integrating vulnerable groups, and people with integration problems, or physical or intellectual difficulties into society and the labour market. On this occasion, the Galician Confederation of People with Disabilities (COGAM) has joined the project. As well as selecting staff for the new shop, it is promoting accessibility and barrier-free environments with specially-adapted doors and bathrooms, and the use of colour coding and geometric shapes to facilitate the work of employees.

From 2001, when the project first started, For&From has consolidated its progress to the extent that disabled workers are now staffing the brand’s conventional shops, which is the project’s ultimate goal. The three shops currently have 14 employees and turned over two million Euros in 2009.

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Make business integrating people and Feelgood

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Business woman news: Zara co-founder, world second richest woman with her own effort

Hi there!. I am happy to introduce you this woman from La Coruña (where I was born) in Spain that with her own effort has become second richest woman in the world with Zara. The magazine Forbes has released one of the famous lists produced each year, women who have more than one million dollars and have done it by themselves, that is, they have made great sums of money through their own efforts and not through inheritance or other factors.

Fourteen women are the lucky ones on this list, dominated mostly by East, but among them there is a Spanish, at the top. This is Rosalia Mera, ex-wife and co-founder Amancio Ortega Zara, with 2,830 million euros. Rosalia began working alongside her husband creating lingerie and robes at home, and what began as a family business called Zara, eventually became the Inditex group, which controls 7%, and has stores throughout the world.

Viva entrepreneur women!

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Spanish Inditex Sales up 2009

According to Fashionfrom Spain.com, spanish textiles group Inditex was well in profit in 2009. The fashion group’s turnover rose 7% on the previous year to €11.084 bn. Profits rose 5%, reaching the buoyant total of €1.314 bn.

The company’s foreign sales rose last year, accounting for 68% of turnover. Asia contributed most to the total, at 12.2% of sales, compared to 10.5% the previous year.

Last year, Inditex made a strong commitment to international growth, finishing the year with 343 openings, 98% of which were outside Spain, and mainly in Europe and Asia. On the Old Continent, growth in countries like Russia, with 37 new shops, and Poland, with 34, was particularly strong.

In Asia, growth focused on three main markets: China with 41 new stores, South Korea with 12 and Japan with 10. At the close of 2009, the group had a total of 4,607 shops in 74 countries.

Inditex has 4,607 stores around the world, selling its eight different brands: Zara, Zara Home, OyshoMassimo DuttiPull and BearBershkaStradivarius and Uterqüe.