Shreya IN Germany

Vardagslyx med Miss Lopez! A very healthy day: GI lunch and a magic massage

Hello! I feel better than ever! it works to have a healty life! Check what I did today…after & while my busy business day, good healthy GI food from Food for Life and a magic massage. I hope you like it too!

GI Food from FOOD FOR LIFE. You know you can find this so delicious and healthy meal at NK, Stockholm Aubergine hamburger with mango sauce and rice.  GI balanced food, so healthy, I recommend it! 🙂

Here me feeling really good after a special massage at Kaptensgatan 11, Östermalm. I went last week at San Valentine and I came back today as I really need it. And it helps so much! More info at HÄLSORUSET. By the way Maria Casparsson, the masseur and owner of Hälsoruset is travelling to Ireland for a conference in wellbeing methods.  We`ll be back and from now sponsor at Miss Lopez events too! Nice!

Life is to enjoy every single day & Feelgood! even busy business days like today too in order to make you feel even better!! 🙂 (and work better!)

Viva VARDAGLYX (luxury weekdays everyday) and feelgood! with Miss Lopez Help at home too…It´spossible!

Hasta la vista amigos & FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD!