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What about English today? 🙂
Nummber One for me is feeling good, don´t you agree? Actually that´s what my blogg is about, having a good lifestyle, in Spain 🙂 and everywhere trying to be an inspiration for my readers…in this matter
For me being healthy is about being happy across all areas of our life, often starting with our daily routines, fitness, stress levels and feeling confident in ourselves day in, day out! In other words, being nice to ourselves accepting us as we are…
So today I would like to give you some tips that works for me
Like a good lifestyle, eating healthy food, practice exercise and doing some king of meditation, maybe yoga for many too. Before I used to sell underwear, but if it were today I would go for sport underwear, perfect to yoga, spinning, kickboxing…
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And something that it´s really good it our mental health. I really love this psycholog, Rafael Santandreu from Barcelona and really amusing to lisen…in Spanish.

Be nice to yourself & feel good!
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Health, Love & Money but the most important is health!Fit again with a bit of help

Shopping cart with lots of fresh food I love it! 🙂

Still party is on but myself I am thinking I want to get fit again after all these days. Of course food is propably one of the most important thing to have a good lifestyle and be healthy. Wanting to get back on truck? 🙂 Here the tips I got from Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN), an agency under the Ministry of Health: 

‘First, you should always look for a gradual weight loss and think you still need all the nutrition though less calories otherwise you may get a rebound effect. Also, the balanced supply of nutrients is very important for a healthy weight loss. A minimum of carbohydrates daily for proper functioning of the nervous system (brain, nerves) and for the proper functioning of the heart and blood cells (red cells, white cells and platelets).These are found in food groups as
-Cereals (wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc..) And its derivatives (pasta, bread, breakfast cereals, etc.)..
-Rice. & Tuber (potato).
-and fruits.
-Sweetened drinks and other sweets also contain carbohydrates (sugar), but are not recommended for weight loss diets.
Between 10 and 20% of the calories in the diet must be provided by proteins. The protein-rich foods include meat, fish, eggs, cheese and nuts.
30-35% will come from fat still not all fats are equal. Keep and eye on this!
‘It’s very important to keep this balanced distribution of nutrients from different food groups” so in the varation is the key! in the right quantities, of course and, as far as possible, avoid being ‘self taught’ 🙂 and go to doctors and nutritionists to help us achieve our goal. Cool!

Eat right & Feelgood! For a healthy 2012 year together!
Health is the most important!!! Healthy Lifestyle for everybody!!!
Myself just in order to make sure I get all the nutritions I drink my shake…By the way interested in a body scanning? Send me an e mail to and you´ll have it for free ONLY during this week.