MissLopez´s glow outfit for today´s party at Globen, Stockholm

miss lopez

Hello again!. You know, I love the glow!, Miss Lopez´s glow! 🙂 Before going to Galicia via Barcelona, Spain just after Christmast, it seems my agenda is full of parties in Sweden. So much fun!. I am a very social Latina and I love parties just for the social thing as a real Spanish!. We can party! 🙂 So if it is a good party, I´ll be there!. I was thinking what to wear for todays´s party at Globen and I decided I want a bit of glow, Miss Lopez´s glow!. I think I am going to wear this black dress made just for me from Spain with a lot of glow and a really beautiful green scarve made of alpaca. What do you think?. Good for Miss Lopez? 🙂

Tonigh it´s going to be a big Christmast party at Globen Arena with a lot of famous Swedish artists as Darin, Pernilla Wahlgren, a Swedish Idol jury (equivalent to American Idol with J. Lopez from America), Hollywood´s wife Maria Montazami, etc…I´ll show the pictures later today. And tomorrow Friday breakfast at Berns again very early in the morning. So wait and see…

Meanwhile I must keep working so simply Have a nice day!

I´ll be back with more glow so Feelgood!

By the way, put some glow to show off the woman in You!. so FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD


Young Ladies in Sweden want to look like Lady Gaga

Young ladies worldwide want to look like their idol, the Fame monster, Lady Gaga with her extravagance style. Nice…
Have a look a one of her videos on YouTube, Lady Gaga and the swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård.
We will see her soon in Stockholm and all tickets are sold out of course.
More information about Lady Gaga at her fan page

Lady Gaga and Feelgood Womanhood