The secret of the perfect Spanish tortilla…tips for Christmas events with friends by Miss Lopez

How to make a Spanish tortilla. Check it out! I must say everybody love my tortillas. Cool!

I don´t why but the taste of a good Spanish tortilla is amazing! It´s a base meal you can combine with everything and vegetarian. I love it!

Perfect for any event. By the way check Miss Lopez latest event about crowdfunding:

Hasta la vista


Ten reasons why Bradley Cooper is the most attractive man in the world by Miss López

Here having a very interesting business meeting with Annette Stavenow Mansnéus…What a busy day! As always but I love it! 🙂 So many things going on with my projects…! Cool!

After a long working day when I came home, look what I have found out on the news…The hottest man in the world according to People magazine…Bradley Cooper. Let´s find out why!

Jennifer Lopez´s last date he, this American Hollywood actor is now according to People magazine the world´s most attractive man, and he is not a model, a real man. I´ll tell you the reasons why I think he deserves the title…he does!

1 – Because he has beautiful eyes and a captivating smile, which together with its1’86 cm and strongly built body make him a 10. Cool! 

2 – For its simplicity. Why complicate life when you can make it simple?

3 – For his skills and versatility.

4 – Because despite being one of the most desirable man, he do not define himself as a womanizer. 

5 – Because it is especially close to his family. Specially his mother since his father died.

6 – Because he began as an extra and very quickly reached the top. He is a doer not a talker!

7 –  Cause he is a nice guy both inside and outside of the screen. Cool but not cold! 🙂

8 – Because it behaves like a gentleman and always has good words of his former partners

9 – As is a graduate of Georgetown University.

0-Cause he loves cooking…Could we ask for more??

For sure he is a TEN guy that make us women Feelgood!! Viva men like Bradley Cooper! 🙂
Nice with a bit of inspiration, don´t you think so? And remmember dream don´t cost a thing!
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Lady Gaga wearing Spanish design of Paco Rabanne

Check these pictures! Spanish Paco Rabanne brand catwalk in action… Cool! I love it!

It seems Lady Gaga just fall in love too! 🙂 She wearing up to Paco Rabanne´s cloths in one MTV awards in Ireland. Check it out!

And remmember! Love what you do! (and what your wearing…too) It is your passion that will show you the way to feelgood!

Wanting you to help us in what we love the most…sharing the spirit of Feelgood Womanhood? This is the way! Miss Lopez & FUNDED by ME: True! 🙂

Hasta la vista babies! And thank you for helping me/us! Viva!!

Reading the news about Jackie Kennedy…but before business meeting at the Hub

Here Swedish Lena Carlsson from at The Hub Stockholm in a meeting with Miss Lopez. Cool!

Here me in a very giving & interesting meeting with Lena Carlsson, consulting in entrepreneurship for Swedish schools and in crowdfunding at Fundedbyme. Amazing how many good ideas can come up when meeting nice people! I´ll let you know more about it later. Stay connected with Miss López!

Talking about learning entrepreneurship, it happened to me reading the news today in El Pais paper, that I could find out Jackie Kennedy´s opinions about women´s roll in society. She used to think women should not get involved in business & politics for exempel, well as everybody know the traditional rolls… This makes me think, is entrepreneurship a matter of hormones? 🙂 What do you think?

I´d rather believe in a balanced combination, where women should do it our way to make a different & achieve a better world. At the end all of us have a masculine and feminine side… Viva Ying and Yang and the balance betwen opposite polars: masculine & feminine! 🙂

Be an entrepreneur with your femenine hormones too! For a better world!

Venture up the female entrepreneurial spirit in YOU & Feelgood!