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Miss Lopez going shopping in Madrid part 1: Gran Via, Chueca, Milla de oro, Serrano

Hello from Madrid! MISS LOPEZ late at nigth today after an intense day of shopping and tapas. Let´s get started with Miss Lopez shopping tour in Madrid, part 1. So today after having my breakfast at Hotel Meninas I met my shopping guide at Callao and we went to Calle Preciados with the classics, like El Corte Inglés, etc…and then we went to Calle Gran Via to start with Swedish H&M. Cool! In an old theater. Really cool!

Here me Miss Lopez at Gran Via with Spanish Zara on my back, from La Coruña where I was born. Now everywhere in the world. Cool!

Here at a new district very popular right now in Madrid, Chueca, the gay area and cool too, very bohemian… Here you can find many nice outlets too! Then on my way to the Golden Mille in Madrid: Serrano!

At a new area, La Milla de Oro, El Barrio de Salamanca or you can call it too Serrano. On my back, Ronaldo from Real Madrid in a picture.

See me walking in Madrid. See! Isabel everywhere! 😀 And now getting closer where Princess Letizia of Spain gets many of her cloths. Proper for a Royal, the Queen to be of Spain…Check it ut!

And now more exclusive shops still in Serrano. I love it! 🙂

Here me again. I hope you like my shopping tour nummer 1. I´ll be back with another area very soon! Tribal!

Meanwhile enjoy these pictures most of them from the Golden Mille in Madrid!!

So you know, Preciados area near Callao to more common shops, Chueca more bohemian with many cool outlets and The Golden Mille, Serrano for the most exclusive shops. Cool!

Stay tuned with more news about Madrid and Feelgood!!

FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD in Madrid too! Miss Lopez loves MADRID!!