The ICML women dinner

Hey guys . How are you? How are your vacations going? Enjoying relaxing and not doing anything. So guys , Today I went for this dinner party hosted by the committee of International conference on machine learning. It was such a lovely event . You know the theme of the event was women in machine learning . It was like an event to bring together different women realted to the field of machine learning together where they share their experience and collaborate , share ideas and be more connected. It talked about how less women are there in the field of research and how everyone is doing their bit to change it and bring about a revolution


So ya guys , the dinner was too perfect . I enjoyed it so much . It was all ideas in the air.

see you soon!


The strong Independent Indian women

Hey guys!

How are you? I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and getting some sleep . Well thanks to my busy schedule I am hardly getting any sleep!

Talking about today’s topic , Its my personal favourite . The concept of being independent is different for different countries. In India being an independent women means being in charge of your own life. Obviously our parents have the right to guide us and show us the right path But it is important to get women the freedom to choose her career , her life partner her lifestyle , her style of clothes. It is surprising to see how the options of career or work are reduced  just because you are a women . Indian we say  Indian women are bad drivers. And on the contrary it is seen that in Sweden , public transport like buses are driven my women!

So yes guys its time we change our thinking and  our opinion on women!!


See you soon


Indian Women in technical fields

Hey guys

How are you?
Well its my last week in Sweden and I am looking forward to going back to India . I miss not eating 1000 different types of tasty Indian snacks. So I even watched the  Sweden – England Football match . Well even though Sweden lost , we should be happy that they made it to  this level. It was so nice to see every one cheering for the team and enjoying it. In  fact even I watched the  match in my office with my teammates  and it was kind of a party.

Well today I want to talk about how Indian women are more more  inclined towards taking up technical job . In India there is a huge gap between the number of Women  and the number of men taking up Engineering and related fields . Now even though the trend is changing but still its not completed changed.. Also even men are changing their fields . Its surprising to see how many Indian men are quitting their jobs and taking up stand up comedy . Well I guess finally we are understanding that no job is ”better” or more prestigious its just what gives you happiness.

Alright now

Got to sleep!
see you soon!

Bye  fellas!

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The Indian women on a shopping spree!

Shopping! shopping !shopping

Hey guys!

How are you? Oh my god you all must be looking forward tot he Argentina Vs France football match happening today. The football fever is high .

And today  I am going to mention about the Indian women and how much she loves to shop. Do you know how many types of Indian clothes and Indian designs exists ? Well let’s just say every state of India has its own specific style of attire and every Indian caste. religious community has a different style of clothes. Well off course , the sari remains a Sari throughout the Country but the way  they drape it , style it changes . Indian women shop too much. All women like to shop but the kind of variety of stuff Indian women shop is remarkable .

So guys Let’s see what I shop (hahaha),

See ya

-Shreya Kohli