miss lopez bikini tips

Do you know you can also get decoration tips by Miss Lopez?

Hi! Yes it´s true! You may know already I am a agent for REVERT in Sweden. Looking for decoration tips for your bedroom & furniture? well Miss Lopez is the solution! 🙂

Check  one of my clients Fia Fox at her shop in Stockholm with Spanish Revert fabrics that has lived in Panamá and Perú as a kid and speaks perfect Spanish. Fia at Stilbrott has started 16 years ago with a furniture restoration workshop, and then six years back she has been working together with her colleage  Li Zettervall at Li’s Tapetseri in Katarina Bangatan 42, Södermalm, Stockholm.  Here Fia a while ago…

Check the sofa by Fia & co with Spanish Revert and Designers Guild`s fabrics. By the way Designers Guild has decorated Buckingham´s palace in London. I understand Stilbrott has many cool  famous and well-known people as clients at Söder!

Cool! Isn´t it? Well here below a more conventional way of seeing REVERT for your bedroom…

See! I love the quality! And below Miss Lopez me in Madrid months ago in a hotel at Plaza de la Reina Isabel II invited by Tour Spain.

See I love bedding! 🙂 Do you like Miss Lopez bedding? 

Viva Miss Lopez decoration tips & Feelgood!

In 10 days I am travelling to Spain again! Check more reasons to like brands made in Spain: http://blog.hola.com/cienmilhombres/2012/03/10-razones-para-el-optimismo-made-in-spain.html

Hasta la vista amigos! by Miss Lopez 🙂