The beauty of Latina Christina Aguilera and Feelgood Womanhood!

Hello everybody! Miss Lopez here again. I feel like a real housewife after this weekend, most cooking I must say…I know I am going to have a busy week so it´s OK not being that social once in a while, not even try but blogging is always good for me. Nice with taking it easy sometimes! I never get tired of blogging really and I guess it´s because I like it so much. I promise I´ll be back with more Miss Lopez Latin cooking tips for tomorrow, so don´t worry! 🙂 Just wait and see!

It´s been a while since I have been to the cinema and I was thinking that maybe this next week I could go and see Burlesque with Latina Christina Aguilera so here you have the trailer to enjoy. Well, the trailer seems good so I hope the film is good as well. Has anybody, by the way, seen Burlesque already? Is it good?

These days Christina Aguilera, with American father and Latina mother, seems to wear less make up, and I like it very much on her. The beauty of transformation! I love the subtle mauve makeup that I think suits her so good. The thing is I´ve also admired her fearless attitude toward self-expression through hair and makeup though to tell you the truth, I think she looks better in softer colours and I like her better. It seems like too much make up doesn´t let her  beauty come up as much as I do think she is and very much.  ( Still I must say I love make up) I think sometimes you don´t even need to try that hard. Just simply take it easy and follow the flow…so let the truth of your beauty come out and Feelgood!

Stay cool 🙂 and Feelgood! FEELGOOD WOMANHOOD

By the way, for those who missed my tortilla, check it out now! and enjoy it! It was simply delicious! 🙂


MissLopez: Latina Christina Aguilera on the walk of fame

Hello! Yes even if she doesn’t look like it (she actually looks like Blondinbella from Sweden), she is Latina too as she has roots from South America. The fun thing Latinos are really mixed up and you can find almost all kind of looks, blondes, brunettes, red hair…a bit of everything 🙂

See, Christina Aguilera (very Spanish surname by the way) was officially awarded her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and she couldn’t be prouder.  Sometimes dreams come true and now she has a star of her own.

Well another Latina who have earned a Hollywood Star! Felicidades! Well I believe if you really know what you want and you go for it, you’re very likely to get what you want. Upp to you! Good, isn’t it?

Go forward for what you really want and Feelgood!


Dress for success with Misslopez´s colours!

Misslopez tips in the picture: 1. crystal earrings, drop by Isabel Marant. 2. sleeved ruffled shirt from Topshop. 3. panther-shaped ring encrusted with Swarovski crystals, by Roberto Cavalli. 4. jeweled bag of Accesorize .5. Skirt-corset, Topshop. 6. Pumps fuchsia bow at the toe of Luichiny. 7. MAC Lipstick Orchid Show

Hello amigos and amigas!. There are so many of you telling me how much you like Misslopez´s blog layout and the colours!. Thank you by the way!. So today I was thinking I can give you my tips for a top-10 look. Aren´t they very nice colours? Black, white and fucsia together  make the perfect combination!. So here come my tips if you want to dress for success.

Misslopez tips: Combining a two-white pieces with fuchsia  shoes: it seems risky, and yet, it works. Have a look worn by Christina Aguilera back in 2008 when she civil married : the singer, who these days is in full promotion of her new album Bionic, does not hesitate when it comes to betting on a nuclear-white styling with tailored jackets and skirts to the knee, which combined with some high pumps in shades of fuchsia, signed by Christian Louboutin.

The chic touch: lipstick, matching shoes,and bag clutch with rhinestones. A 10 look, one hundred per cent feminine, very chic, for those who, instead of getting married by the Church, prefer a civil ceremony or want to feel like the Queen of the party…

Be chic, feminine and Feelgood

Feelgood Womanhood


Christina Aguilera new UN Ambassador against world´s hunger

Christina Aguilera has just become UN Ambassador and another artist to support social problems. U.S. singer Christina Aguilera has been named Ambassador Against Hunger in  World Food Programme at the United Nations. «A child dies every six seconds from hunger, a statistic that I think is very high (…), »  .The singer has always wanted to help the most disadvantaged working with various initiatives and projects to combat hunger.

Feelgood Womanhood