Shirley Valentine, Maxim

Swedish/ Efter en affärslunch på kontoret…

var jag bjuden av Statistföreningen på Maxim teater, pjäsen Shirley Valentine som har premier den 31 mars 2017 och med Maria Lundqvist som skådespelare.

Nu Maria Lundqvist

Det handlade om en medeårs kvinna som hennes barn har flytat hemifrån och lever i ett karleklöst förhallande. Hon pratar med sig själv om hennes tankar. Hon vågar trottsa sina känslor och för första gången vill se världen. Guldbaggevinnaren Maria Lundqvist i rollen som Shirley Valentine bevisar oss alla att det är aldrig för sent för att utforska sina drömmar…och flyttar till solen, 🙂 till och med…
Nu inser jag att med SOLNU (ADLINK) hjälper jag många att uppfylla sina drömma genom att erbjuda rådgivning om bostäder i solen för alla. Kul, eller hur?

global marknad och export diplom

Going global

English/ Well, yes I have a dream! 🙂
When It comes to business my biggest and wildest dream is getting big and international, specially now when my real estate idea of being a broker in the vacational properties business with SOLNU (ADLINK), as I say together with my logo in Swedish ”bostäder i solen för alla” something like, properties in the sun for everybody, or at least for those that can may think of spending affordable prices in Scandinavia or even better Northen Europe.
It´s been the whole day in this course and I must say it was really worthy for me, getting a wider vision, getting to know things the proper way to avoid misstakes and getting to know lovely people as well. Sure we will meet again. Nice to have an study day for entrepreneurs, I must say.
Check my diplome!

enterprise europe network, företagsakademi, företagarna

enterprise europe network, företagsakademi, företagarna

This course is organised by Enterprise Europe Network, Företaggsakademi & Foretagarna sponsored by European Union, EU.
Thanks for all the things I have learnt and from now the goal is getting global too, the right way.
It takes time to start a working business but it´s worth it! if you love it…
And you, do you have a dream?… 🙂
By the way are you interested in talking business with me?. Send you contact details HERE


Mediterranean food and lifestyle

English/ Today I went to a fair about Mediterranean lifestyle with a strong Greece presence with food, travel & lifestyle. Other considered mediterranean countries are Italy, Spain…and more, I must say I miss it all, the lifestyle , the Ancient culture…

specially when you live in northen Europe like me, in Sweden, longing for the sun to come. 🙂

It is actually amazing all the things that the Mediterranean countries have in common in terms of lifestyle and culinary taste. Do you know that the mediterranean diet is considered the healthier of all?…lots of olive oil 🙂

Actually the properties I sell in Spain, with SOLNU (ADLINK) most of them are in the Mediterranean. Now I can offer Mallorca very soon and probably renting houses in Greece. I am really happy about that and best of all I love going to these fair to make new business contacts…this is the perfect mixture of business and pleasure!

It´s been interesting being at the fair and I could taste really good products I got…Thanks!


and now I look forward to more healthy coopeartions!
Hasta la vista!