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(Svenska) Visst är det fin?. Här en outfit jag tycker om men Zara plagg bland andra. Jag verkligen beundrar Zaras koncept och det är alltid lätt att hitta någonting väldigt fin som passar alla…men idag vill jag dela med mig en YouTube video jag hittade (#zaraflashmob) som gjorde Zaras «founder», Amancio Ortega att gråta på hans åttio års kallas. En riktig entreprenör jag beundrar!
Kolla på #zarasflashmob. Fin!

Vad tyckte ni?

(Spanska) Bueno pues hoy quería compartir con vosotros a parte de unos tips de moda para la temporada y super cool con alguna prenda de Zara un video flashmob de YouTube. Y es que siempre me ha parecido admirable su fundador y me gustaría saber mucho mas para aprender de su forma empresarial, conseguir un imperio de casi de la nada…
Este video es un flashmob realizado por sus empleados y familiares para sorprenderle en el dia de su 80 cumpleaños y lo mejor de todo es que el no ha podido contener las lagrimas. Y algunos podrían decir tambien, «que los ricos, y tanto, tambien lloran…». 🙂
Eso si muchas felicidades muy merecidas!


Getting to the top! Picasso tower in Madrid has a new owner, Zara´s!

I know you love Zara, Spanish fashion brand from where I grow up in A Coruña, Spain and now biggest in the world. I love buying there as I always find something like this skirt from Zara for New Year´s Eve. Don´t you think is cool? 🙂

Well now Zara founder Amancio Ortega has bought this emblematic building in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid 157 meters high. I´ve been around this building so many times that I can not help sharing with you this news. Kind of amazing when I still remmember this Zara company started for the first time with a little shop close to my house in A Coruña, Galicia Spain and look now!. This is being entrepreneurial don´t you agree? You can get a long way with a good idea…I really admire entrepreneurial people! Nice! Doers not talkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure the world would be a better one with good entrepreneurial people & good ideas!

This is Picasso tower in Madrid. Next time you go by Madrid look at this!

Viva entrepreneurial people! Viva «llegar alto», getting to the top as you deserve!

By the way as the most important is getting the right focus I have now this (my new business idea) for you living in Sweden, Stockholm. Wouldn´t be a good idea to use Miss Lopez Städ, help at home to focus in the most important?. I do believe so, don´t you? By the way check my new Facebook event: I hope see you there!

Hasta la vista babies and Feelgood!

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Horse jumping competition in La Coruña by Zara’s owner with Athina Onassis

Marta Ortega y su novio, el asturiano Sergio Álvarez, compartieron grada y allí pudimos verles muy enamorados

Hola amigos y amigas! Today I come with news from La Coruña, Galicia where I was born. I am so excited to spend New Years Eve in La Coruña, Oleiros close to my favourite beaches, Bastiaguero and Santa Cruz. Nice to have my own place there though I live in Sweden. But before that I’ll be staying two days in Barcelona next week. Although I have a lot of fun in Stockholm these days, I miss Spain a lot. I’ll be back then to Stockholm and I promise I will do blogging while there too! 🙂

Something I love about La Coruña is shopping, Zara’s shopping! but not only that as there is really much to do like riding in case you like it. This last weekend it has been an equestrian event at Casas Novas (I’ve been there) by Zara’s owner from La Coruña to celebrate the XXI edition of the international jumping competition. And you know, the best international horsemen and women participating in the tournament were there like Athina Onassis, granddaughter and heiress of the very rich Greek Aristotle Onassis married once to Jackeline Kennedy and Spanish Marta Ortega, Zara’s owner daughter, Amancio Ortega and her boyfriend, Sergio Alvarez in the pictures.

In the first picture Athina Onassis and in the other one Marta, Inditex heiress with her boyfriend in La Coruña while the riding contest this weekend. As I’ve heard they share the same interests so their love for each other and passion for business is working in both cases. Nice to have a partner to share the same interest and business too. Specially if they support each other. And you, what do you think? Let me know.

Viva la dolce vita + business in La Coruña and Feelgood! FEELGOOD  WOMANHOOD

By the way, while in Spain I’ll be having business meetings too. I’ll let you know. Viva business and passion together!


This is happening in my hometown La Coruña, Spain, «elite riding» at Casas Novas

Hi everybody!. Maybe because I live abroad my hometown where I was born, La Coruña, I miss it so much and everything is happening there is interesting to me.  I live in Stockhom, Sweden by the way.

Do you like horse riding?. You can do it in La Coruña as well and at elite level. Like Marta Ortega in the picture, the daughter of a wealthy Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega owner of the well known ZARA has earned a Riding high place on the global elite. Marta Ortega loves riding horses and it is not surprising to see her around the  world  on horseback. Her presence was one of the most anticipated in the International Jumping Competition Casas Novas, held in  Galician, La Coruña (Spain) a place with a lot of meaning for ZARA´s founder, Ortega, who began to build his assets there. Also competing in the contest the aristocrac from Spain Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, son of the Duchess of Alba.

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Visit La Coruña and Feelgood!