English/ You know my passion for entrepreneurship, right?  So today  December 14th, and today I couldn´t miss  taking part in the festivities. Sweden’s largest and most spectacular un-conference for start-ups and investors in the digital realms has been back today to display and crown the up-and-coming, under-the-radar, Swedish digital superstars of tomorrow!

The chosen place was the swanky facilities of Münchenbryggeriet with lots of entrepreneurs and their business ideas. The classical pitch session with investors. Really a crowded place today…

Here Minister in Sweden of enterprise and innovation opening the Sweden demo day 2016

mikael damberg minister of enterprise and innovation sweden
mikael damberg på swedemoday
mikael damberg
mikael damberg på swedemoday
isabel lopez / miss lopez på swedemoday
isabel lopez / miss lopez på swedemoday 2016.  I have found many companies to save the planet to help business and clients not to waste food. You see a lot of enviromental concern these days, good!
swedemoday 2016
swedemoday 2016
#swedemoday 2016
#swedemoday 2016. Here my friend before the pitch, a bit nervous I guess
lopez på #swedemoday 2016
isabel lopez på #swedemoday 2016

Viva entrepreneurship cause we´re worth it…and it´s definely the future!!