English/ ”You´re the sunshine of my life…”. This is the letter of a song I used to sing. Normally you say someone or something is the sunshine of your life when these people or passion makes you feel so good beause of the true love you want to share with them…and for

Well today I went with some old friends to Hotel Diplomet lounge to have a coffe and looking into pictures I have found out of me with my little baby, (my sunshine) long time ago, it feels long time ago anyway. I like this old picture but most important of all is that this reminds me that´s the most important now is to find the sunshine of your life, your passion that´s what makes life worth for, don´t you think…? and never loose focus

This picture make me think a lot of all the things I should have done differently now, in particular as a mother…Whatever the past will never come back but I am determined to learn from my mistakes and start a new day every day with my sunshine in focus.

Here the ”old” picture of me with my baby girl. Cute don´t you think?

Miss Lopez
Miss Lopez

today…me at Hotel Diplomat today

Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez

That´s why in these dark winter days I love to share a bit of my ”sunshine” with you too, even if it´s about real estate in Spain. Check, ”everybody deserve a bit of sunshine everyday” don´t you agree? 🙂


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