Startup & Youth Business initiatives in A Coruña


As you know I love the entrepreneurial spirit…

Before going back to Sweden, I´ve visited Fundacion Ronsel in A Coruña. Happy to see how entrepreneurs in La Coruña find the change to start up their business and ideas…Another interesting initiative is Youth Business actually.

I´ve had a first meeting with Rafa at Fundacion Ronsel and I hope we can find a good collaboration while I´m in Sweden. Having a coffee at his beautiful coffee. So cool!

Then we went to a new co-working office space at El Papagayo in A Coruña that is part business incubator, part innovation lab, and part social enterprise community. A perfect unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities to maximize the impact of your business and projects. O love it and I wish you good lunch in the new opening!

el papagayo incubator a coruña
el papagayo incubator a coruña

A bit sad leaving A Coruña, but at the same time looking forward to going to a new big Startup event in Stockholm, Sweden. Now so many new project awaiting for me and I love it! 🙂

sthlm tech fest
sthlm tech fest

I´ll let you know when I´m there.

By the way, still looking for a working place in Stockholm?. We at El Corazon co-working place have a room left and some co-working places in our big room. Do not hesitate to contact me!


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