Selfies & more at Christmas

English/ Good Christmas to everybody!. Have you the feeling sometimes that you have survive this big time of the year?. Yes for me its a bit like this…not too bad but actually we put so much expectation in these day…I guess its about to take it eady after all…dont you agree? 🙂
Yesterday my computer didnt work probably and I was so tured after the BIG dinner that I decided to rest and postpone my blogging until now…I feel almost guilty after buying so much food that at the end I am keeping in the refrigerator. Ok anyway its was a nice day after all… 🙂
I wasn’t happy with the puctures I have been taken with my mobile so I decided after people has gone to take lots of selfies myself and my stick…what do you think?. Are pictures better with the stick?
With stick…

Isabel Lopez...maribel Lopez...miss lopez
Isabel Lopez…maribel Lopez…miss lopez

Miss Lopez..Isabel Lopez...maribel lopez
Miss Lopez..Isabel Lopez…maribel lopez

Isabel Lopez...miss Lopez...maribel lopez
Isabel Lopez…miss Lopez…maribel lopez

Isabel Lopez...miss looez
Miss looez
And withou stick…

And tomorrow business meetings again Im really looking for… 🙂 I will let you know more about tomorrow…

To be continued


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