Really long working day. Friday at last

English/ now I feel like blogging to you in English. It’s been a while and actually I love English languages too. Do you realize I have been living my life as an expat in different countries though mostly in Sweden?
Well whatever Today it’s been a long working day. Staring early in the morning at Cervantes institute, the Spanish governmental institution for sharing the Spanish culture and language. Actually an honor to work in such a project but let’s keep it private this way for the moment…then to the office in Stureplan, planning my new coming Real Estate event together with Orient tours travel agency…meeting new potential customer and then at the end of the day, exhausted but happy of meeting my daughter and friends, and of course surrounded by so much food, cause remember food is and should always be love.
Food and friends to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, or should I say a really good “fredags mys” something like TGI but in Swedish 🙂
And how have you had your Friday?

So amazing good natural juices from fruits

With friends having late dinner…at Matilda Sundbyberg

Good food but having dinner so late and so much its something I do not recommend. I feel too full… 🙂