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In English:


  1. Every woman has the right to expect the very best for her health and well being
  2. Every woman has the right to maximize her opportunities
  3. Every woman has the right to be proud about her femininity
  4. Every woman has the right to allow herself a few everyday luxuries
  5. Every woman have the right to enjoy her family life and motherhood and get help if she needs it
  6. Every woman has the right to get respect and appreciation for the work she does
  7. Every woman has the right to find balance in her family and in life
  8. Every woman has the right to feel comfortable with her body
  9. Every woman has the right to find balance in stress levels and expectations from others
  10. Every woman has the right to be courageous and ambitious

In Swedish: Miss Lopez grunddokument


  1. Varje kvinna har rätt att kräva det bästa för sin hälsa och sitt välbefinnande
  2. Varje kvinna har rätt att maximera sina möjligheter
  3. Varje kvinna har rätt att vara stolt över sin kvinnlighet
  4. Varje kvinna har rätt att unna sig det där lilla extra i vardagen
  5. Varje kvinna har rätt att njuta av sitt familjeliv och sin mammaroll och få hjälp om det behövs
  6. Varje kvinna har rätt att respekteras och uppskattas för det arbete hon utför
  7. Varje kvinna har rätt att hitta balansen i familjen och tillvaron
  8. Varje kvinna har rätt att vara nöjd med sin kropp
  9. Varje kvinna har rätt att kräva balans i stressen och kraven från andra
  10. Varje kvinna har rätt att ta ut svängarna

En Español;

1/ Toda mujer tiene el derecho a recibir de su familia y entorno lo que mejor le convenga para su salud y bienestar

2/ Toda mujer tiene el derecho desarrollar sus posibilidades para la mejora de su calidad de vida 

3/ Toda mujer tiene el derecho a mostrar y hacer uso de su feminidad con orgullo y respeto

4/ Toda mujer tiene el derecho a disfrutar de las buenas cosas de las que nos proviene la vida 

5/ Toda mujer tiene derecho a llevar a cabo su rol dentro de la familia asi tambien el de madre con respeto y consideracion

6/ Toda mujer tiene dereho a que se le reconozca su trabajo asi como su aportacion fuera y dentro del hogar

7/ Toda mujer tiene el derecho a encontrar el equilibrio entre su vida laboral y famiiar

8/ Toda mujer tiene derecho a sentirse bien con su cuerpo

9/ Toda mujer tiene derecho a solicitar de su entorno unas exigencias sostenibles  

10/ Toda mujer tiene derecho a ser ella misma y estar orgullosa de su condicion de ser mujer


Venture up the woman in you!

Atrevete a sentirte bien en tu condicion de ser mujer!

Våga ta ut svängarna!

Hello everybody! Here Miss Lopez, chief editor, of the new blog-webmagazine with a “Latin Touch”. I hope that with my blog I will be a source of inspiration for the modern strong woman to all women, black, white, asian, latina…which brings you the latest news from the Latin world too in order to make you feel good. Men are of course also welcome to share your ideas.

I, Miss Lopez, with the help of my team and guest bloggers, we will make you feel even better. We support balance, gender equality and successful women in Sweden and all over the world.

I, Miss Lopez, love art & design, lifestyle and believe in human rights! We, Miss Lopez’s group will keep you updated with lifestyle news with a Latin touch from all over the world!

Venture out the woman in you!


By the way, if you know Swedish now you have the change to read my thesis about social media from Stockholm´s University: Feelgood Blogging!

Business cooperation with Miss Lopez?

We are a market-leading advertising, web tool for the wellness trend and style. Are you interested in cooperating with us? We are always open for new ideas and we will give you the best offers!

CONTACT: isabel.lopez@misslopez.se

About me

My life as Spaniard in Sweden

Personal about Miss Lopez: M. Isabel Lopez is a creative woman from Spain, Madrid / La Coruña and now lives in Sweden, Stockholm. She has studied law and sociology at Stockholm University. I love art and design, and I believe in human rights. I hope my blog can make a difference in your life for good and together we can always find the positive side of life. Let’s do it! Feelgood Womanhood to everybody.

More pictures by Katja Elmén

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