Misslopez´s tip: Be proud of your curves as Charlotte in Sex in the City

Kristin Davis, Charlotte en Sexo en Nueva York, orgullosa de sus curvas

The actress Kristin Davis, Charlotte in Sex and the City,  who has just become the cover of Fitness magazine, proudly acknowledges: “I have hips. I’ll never be the thinnest actress and I do not want to be. When you are at peace with yourself and with your body, you are much safer.” However,  Kristin Davis do cares about her physical care.

Go to the gym, do yoga and Pilates and even jumping exercise resistance bands, also watch your diet. She also recognized in the magazine People that occasionally she falls for M & M’s chocolate and ice cream, and it´s OK.

Be in peace with yourself and Feelgood!


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Lopez, a real latin name from Spain

I just want to explain the origins of the name López, my name.

López is a common surname  in the spanish language.  Lopez, the  meaning is Son of Lope and Lope itself is  a Spanish given name  deriving from Latin lupus, meaning wolf. The surname is first attested in the heart of Spain, where the name is  from Latin.

Actually wolf in spanish today is lobo, quite similar.

(location of Spain in Europe in dark green in the picture)

And here comes a bit of history of  Spain´s origins:

Early settlements

The history of human presence in the Iberian Peninsula dates back about 800,000 years after the discovery of Homo antecessor at the site of Atapuerca (Burgos). The most striking evidence of the Palaeolithic is represented by the paintings of the Altamira Cave and the broad spectrum of rock art of the Mediterranean.

Iberians, Celts and Romans

From the first millennium BC, the Iberian peninsula was occupied and colonized by different Celts, Iberians, the Tarshish, Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, until the arrival of the Romans, whose presence would leave a valuable legacy assets, of which the city of Tarraco is the best example. After the fall of the Roman Empire raids happen Swabians, Vandals and Alans, until the arrival of the Visigoths, who manage to build a strong Hispanic monarchy with its capital in Toledo.

So Wellcome to Misslopez News in Spanish

Jennifer Lopez beauty tips

"Jennifer Lopez at the Gala Premier of The Backup Plan"
Jennifer Lopez, J Lo

J-Lo that turned 40 last year is still considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. And with all right. On the gala premier of her new movie “The Backup plan” she was surprised about the question about how she stays beautiful. Her response refers to the basic things like no smoking, no drinking, no sun and 7 hours of sleep.

The Backup plan hits the cinemas the 7th of July 2010.

Salma Hayek helps the planet during the Earth Day at Christie´s in New York

Penelope Cruz´s best friend, Salma Hayek with a very modern look in black during the Earth day in USA.

Earth Day brought together many  stars in different places throughout the U.S. to show the world about the importance of preserving the environment. While in the White House the president Barack Obama gave a reception to institutions, foundations and artists about the cause,  Sigourney Weaver in New York held a charity auction organized by Christie’s in which gathered  Salma Hayek  and her husband.

Save the planet  and Feelgood!