Jennifer Lopez visits Spain to promote her latest film

J.Lo has just been to Madrid to promote  the Back up plan. The film is a romantic comedy about a woman who decides to have a child.

The singer and actress has traveled to Spain with her family : her children, sister and nephew.  She  has also been to London, Berlin and Paris and  had time to talk to the media in the capital of Spain, Madrid about her  latest film, as well as her upcoming album Love,  her husband and children .  Marc, her husband is  in Puerto Rico because on Thursday this week he will be givng  a very important prize at the gala of the Latin Billboard Awards.

To the question, how much time she spend a day thinking about fashion, she said:
” It’s part of my life, like music. “, and she is a hard worker too.

She said her new album after Love will be in spanish and that she is a woman  she feels very comfortable with herself.

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Gisele Bundchen a few months after giving birth in bikini

Who thought that Gisele Bundchen would say farewell to fashion after becoming a mother was very wrong. In fact, the model has managed to perfectly combine her duties as a mom with her professional commitments, for example, her new work for the firm Calzedonia Mare . In these new ads, which presents the swimwear for the summer of 2010, the ‘top’ Brazilian shows her figure in Costa Rica the past February 19, after just over two months of the the birth of her son Benjamin(December 8, 2009).

Do you want to know the secret? do yoga and practice different sports.

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Jennifer Lopez as the new Marilyn Monroe

J.Lo as the new Marilyn Monroe! Jennifer Lopez decided to celebrate the birthday of a great friend in the way she does best: singing.

Jennifer Lopez did just as Marilyn Monroe, singing the popular Happy birthday to you in the TV talk show host by George Lopez, in his 49 years birthday.  In the same way as Monroe and joining the long list of people who have imitated Marilyn, Jennifer Lopez, with a platinum blonde hair and a glamorous dress, she surprised everybody during the TV program.

Is Jennifer the new Marilyn of the 21th century? Maybe a Latin Marilyn.

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J.Lo feels like twenty-five again

Though turning 41 years old this summer, Jennifer Lopez to the question if  she would change something in her life, she said in Latina, “I wouldn’t change anything, honestly.  I really love the direction my life has taken.  I feel now like I’m 25 again and that it’s all starting over.  Babies just make you feel like your life is just beginning.  Probably because their life is just beginning and you so love them that you’re just like right there with them.  It’s like, ‘OK, this is the start of something awesome.’  That’s how I feel in my life and in my career right now”.

Jenifer Lopez seems happy with her new roll in life and the most important, being a mother of her twins.


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