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Spanish rioja wine week in New York

Beyond the Spanish border, people all over the world like Rioja wine, a lot. Thus, one of the destinations where it has greater acceptance is the U.S. . And precisely in order to promote the culture of wine from Rioja, it  has been launched this month in May several initiatives, among «Rioja Restaurant Week» just right in the best area of New York.

Enjoy spanish wine (with moderation) and Feelgood

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Cameron Diaz finds love with Alex Rodriguez in Boston, USA

It is just now a rumour … that Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are more than friends . According to People magazine, both were seen at the hotel’s deluxe suite Liberty in Boston, where the player was staying. A witness has told the publication: «They came to the Massachusetts capital by private jet and went together to the hotel,» and adds that the actress and the player did not separate even for a moment, that did not leave the room during their stay and they even asked for meals in the room.

If it is true, Congratulation!

Very spanish surnames by the way! Diaz and Rodriguez, like Lopez

Feelgood Womanhood

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Madrid world capital of tennis 2010

Here the swedish model Helen Swedin with her husband, Luis Figo from Real Madrid football team and in the other picture Luis Figo again with the best well paid Real Madrid football player, Cristiano Ronaldo congratulating the winner, Rafa Nadal.

Madrid is these days the world capital of tennis with 1000 Masters and there are many celebrities who have not missed the opportunity to witness live  the game of the best players in tennis.

Congratulation Rafa Nadal!


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The Pilgrims way: Follow the footsteps of the Apostle James to Galicia, Spain

This is where I was born in Galicia, the greenest area of Spain, and the area with the strongest seafaring culture, has as its main tourist centre, Santiago de Compostela. For centuries this has been the point of pilgrimage for those following in the footsteps of the Apostle James. The wild cliffs of the Rias Altas offer a wild and magical face to the region, whereas the Rias Bajas are more adapted to tourism, with quiet beaches, villages with roots in the seafaring past and excellent local cuisine. Inland, where the countryside is less well-known, there is the chance to discover dense areas of forests and mythical landscapes crossed by a thousand rivers and where the way of life is still anchored in tradition.

Follow the Pilgrims way all the way to James (Santiago in spanish) and Feelgood