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Young Ladies in Sweden want to look like Lady Gaga

Young ladies worldwide want to look like their idol, the Fame monster, Lady Gaga with her extravagance style. Nice…
Have a look a one of her videos on YouTube, Lady Gaga and the swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård.
We will see her soon in Stockholm and all tickets are sold out of course.
More information about Lady Gaga at her fan page ladygaga.com

Lady Gaga and Feelgood Womanhood

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Halle Berry full of energy in New Yok after the breakup with her boy-friend Gabriel Aubry

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Halle Berry has reappeared so full of energy  after her breakup with the ten years younger model Gabriel Aubry, her boy-friend for five years. She has participated in the charity race for women who was organized by Revlon in New York in the picture alone.

Other Hollywood stars :Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, also wanted to contribute in this initiative for women in New York.

Feelgood after all

Feelgood Womanhood

Miss Lopez &  friends

Misslopez refreshing tips for the summer: a homemade soy smoothie

100g brown sugar
500 g strawberries
400 ml of soy milk
soy yogurt 2


Strawberries Marinate 2 hours, pre-cut, with brown sugar.

Mix the yoghurt with half of the macerated strawberries and blend until creamy strawberry and soy.

Finishing and presentation:
At the bottom of glass, spread the mashed strawberries.
Then fill with strawberries and cream, soy yogurt. For the most foamy, whisk vigorously chilled soymilk into a lather, which will be added into the preparation with the help of a spoon.
Decorate with fruit or some chopped dried fruit.