New events

English/ Monday!! Back to business as usual & I love it!. Today I have been working at first with administration at home, sure not very interesting for you to know in details, Whatever I love it when work is done and I have been giving & getting results…
After that, time to search a new co working place for my business and events, specially that, events!. I actually need to have a proper place for my Real Estate events. Events is something really working for me!. So happy to know my past events last year about selling houses in Spain ADLINK is giving now its “fruits”…that makes me more positive than ever to achieve new goals this year.
So I visit a new co working place I really like in Stureplan…
Perfect for my events and the right people as well…and nice decoration.

no 18 stureplan

Coffee for free as a member all the way in central Stockholm
no18 stureplan
no18 stureplan

Then STHLM TECH meetup at Hilton in Slussen. Happy to know that this is the largest monthly startup event in Europe. Each month for over 3 years, every geek, hacker, entrepreneur, investor, and designer around Stockholm comes together under one roof with special guests speakers and investors on stage to educate, and showcase 3 pitching startups who pitch the investors live on stage to inspire and entertain, did you know?
I love this atmosphere…startups lifestyle is my thing, and of course the networking.
We got minihamburgers, yes I know meat and carbs…(now Iam almost vegetarian, 80 procent I would say)
I am not much into carbs and meat but at the same time I follow the 80/20 procent rule, that means you are allowed to “sin” 20 procent of the time with food…It´s actually not good to be too strict with food either in order our body & soul to feel good. Evertything (almost) with moderation. isn´t it?

sthlm tech
sthlm tech

sthlm tech
sthlm tech
miss lopez at sthlm tech
miss lopez på sthlm tech

OK, so soon time to bed and tomorrow a new day. By the way check my last post about a new apartment in Costa del Sol. Contact me if you want to know more…