New event manager at El Corazon co-working place

(english) Happy to introduce you my new event manager at El Corazon co-working place. She has a lot of experience in working with start ups and I think that´s great. So much to do and so much fun! Besides she speaks Spanish as well as she is originally from Venezuela.
about to sign our agreement…
I do think this is actually one of the best things could happen to this project. Sometimes you may think you can do everything alone but not, instead everybody could do something in order to make a really big thing. Good to have help to make things work, don’t you think?. When you’re entrepreneur and have a business is not that easy to find the right people for the organisation so let´s our fingers crossed! 🙂
By the way, look what I have found on my way to our meeting in Sundbyberg…
run by solar power, the first time I see something like it.
See great with innovation to save the world

Viva El Corazon co-working place. Your innovation station.
for the creative and innovative start-up. Welcome!