Mediterranean food and lifestyle

English/ Today I went to a fair about Mediterranean lifestyle with a strong Greece presence with food, travel & lifestyle. Other considered mediterranean countries are Italy, Spain…and more, I must say I miss it all, the lifestyle , the Ancient culture…

specially when you live in northen Europe like me, in Sweden, longing for the sun to come. 🙂

It is actually amazing all the things that the Mediterranean countries have in common in terms of lifestyle and culinary taste. Do you know that the mediterranean diet is considered the healthier of all?…lots of olive oil 🙂

Actually the properties I sell in Spain, with SOLNU (ADLINK) most of them are in the Mediterranean. Now I can offer Mallorca very soon and probably renting houses in Greece. I am really happy about that and best of all I love going to these fair to make new business contacts…this is the perfect mixture of business and pleasure!

It´s been interesting being at the fair and I could taste really good products I got…Thanks!


and now I look forward to more healthy coopeartions!
Hasta la vista!