Luch at El Corte Inglés


I´m watching a TV program about the importance of the quality of the food we eat. Do you know that there is a high connection between what we eat and our health and most of many diseases ?. Så important to check WHAT we eat and its treatment…We rather use ecological instead

Here comes my tips:

buy ecological

check always the origin of the food you eat so it´s not contaminated.

be aware rice contains arsenic at some level (more or less)

fried potatoes, no good

check the fish we should consume or not, specially for children and pregnant…that´s why it´s so important to use Omega 3 supplements.

Well here a good sallad I had today at El Corte Ingles with some pure virgin olive oil as well and salmon…

sallad at el corte ingles

Ok, continue check what you eat & feel good!