Indian Street food Hogging


Hey Guys!

Me enjoying between college breaks

I am back in India. It’s been a long time since I have blogged . I am really excited  to get back to talking to you guys again. How have you all been ? How were your holidays ? Its been super awesome here. I am back to my college and I have been working on some projects . The best part of being back is that I can enjoy Indian street food between my college breaks . So whenever my work load increases I just go out with my friends and enjoy the «Tikkas » , the «chaats» . Indian street food  is very flavorful . It has the right amount of spice in it. My super favorite dish that I generally eat at the place «BALI» is Momos .  I have also tried other things but this being the best, I eat the most!

So yes its been amazing to be back , I hope to blog soon again .

So see you guys!

Bye !!