Galician “horreo” in Norway too

English/ First, sorry for my “poor” updates theses days. You know I have been travelling by car all the way to Norway and it is not always easy to find internet connection. 🙂

Now but to Stockholm I´ll tell you something I have found out…

Look!. This is a typical “horreo” from Galicia where I was born…

horreoAnd this according Wikipedia what it is:

An hórreo is a typical granary from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (mainly Galicia, Asturias and Northern Portugal), built in wood or stone, raised from the ground by pillars (pegollos in Asturian, esteos in Galician, abearriak in Basque) ending in flat staddle stones (vira-ratos in Galician, mueles or tornarratos in Asturian, or zubiluzea in Basque) to avoid the access of rodents. Ventilation is allowed by the slits in its walls. Similar buildings (barns) on staddle stones are found in Southern England.

The interesting part is that I have discovered horreos in Norway too in my way to Haugesund and back to Stockholm now! Have a look yourself!



These are the closest I could take a picture but the similarity is there for sure!. This remind me of the viking roots in Galicia…or should be the other way around?. Where the viking who brought horreo to Galicia or the Galician/celtic people to Norway? Do you  know? Well I am talking of something really old, maybe more than 1000 years ago. Something is for sure, I look history, anthropology and all that staff. Cool to know about your ancestors, don´t you agree? 🙂

I really found this interesting. I was nice to notice some words are alike but the good thing was to be able to understand Norwegian because of my Swedish I know. Cool!. I feel I know an extra language already…almost! 🙂

Well, still tired from my journey, it was good to switch off after all so now here comes more pictures from Norway. I hope you like them!. but I must say it was really much more amazing to be there than these pictures. You must see the fiords too! 🙂

miss lopez in norway

old church…40 crown to come inside…a bit too much maybe.


miss lopezin norway

really amazing to see…


From my terrace in Haugesund


and the weather at the end was really mild perfect for me. Similar to Galicia in the summer…horreo6



miss lopez in norway

Hasta pronto Noruega! Vi ses igen!