Fjords in Norway

English/ Today visiting the famous fjords in Norway. All the way by car staying the night in Oslo and now in in a village close to many fjords. I really wanted to do this trip. This time I have some pictures to show and I hope you´ll like them 🙂

worth visiting for…

miss lopez in norway
miss lopez in norway

miss lopez at the fjords



Raoul Beltran + Miss Lopez

here in good company with Raoul Beltran

fjords in norway

I really like this kind of landscape. It´s really amazing and in some way spectacular. In many way it´s reminds me of Galicia as both are in the same global line in the Atlantic.

and now you know I got a paint in my stomach after being seated so many hours in the cars and Im afraid I must now go and rest for the day…

I let you know later…