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Antonio Banderas «honoris causa» and new film with Almodovar again

Antonio Banderas has been rewarded by the University of Malaga in Spain as honoris causa and he wanted a well to share his  future projects in a  press conference in which he explained in detail the fate of his career as an actor in the coming months.
The first of his projects, and perhaps most surprising was the announcement of a new film of ‘terror’ under the command of Pedro Almodovar with whom he has been working  for 21 years. The actor is very happy about it and even announced that it would be a script that will turn «a little on the wave itself Pedro is» but declined to give further details about Almodóvar´s future film, who always want to keep the mystery until the release day.

Congratulations Antonio


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Spanish wines for eastern cuisine: china, thai, sushi…

The eastern cuisine normally is not designed to be enjoyed with wine. However, Latin culture is culturally very attached to the consumption of wines at mealtime. It is important then to choose the right wine.

In this case, the best option is a sparkling, champagne or cava although not essential pop a cuvée highly rated, a blanc de blancs (chardonnay ) will refresh your meal  without losing their identity flavour.


Perhaps the Japanese cuisine is perfectly pairing white wineswith high acidity, such as galician (the Albariño from Rias Baixas, the Valdeorras , the Ribeiro wine fresh.) As for the more complex recipes, such astempura , the teppanyaki or maguro (tuna marinated in spicy), the best option is an aromatic white.


The cava and Champagne wines are also ‘off road’ to accompany the cuisines of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia … With some remarks: in the case of the kitchen thaï ,  a spanish wine Rioja.


A red medium-aged (with only three or four months in barrel) is associated with elegance on the grill, Korean style . And even a Mediterranean wine works well with roast duck , the dish «star» in many Chinese restaurants that enrich the culinary agenda.

Do you like oriental food?. Now you know how to combine with wine,


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New York bridal trend: black and white

The bridal catwalk in New York is one of the most luxurious and chic in the world. Many of the world’s leading designers of bridal fashion have choosen this time black and white in their new collections for brides. The most applauded were the classics: Oscar de la Renta , Vera Wang , Carolina Herrera and Marchesa. Four firms of authentic luxury, where each garment becomes a masterpiece, and announces the coming trends.

Feelgood Womanhood

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Misslopez tips for the business woman: Get fit at the office


Your busy schedule prevents you from taking the time to go to a gym. Do not worry, there is a solution!. Exercise does not always mean going to a gym , and even at work you  can perform simple exercises to keep you fit.

  • Avoid the car of public transportation. If you can, go all the way or try to park slightly further away or get off one stop early if you go by public transport.
  • Bye bye, lift. Use the stairs (unless you work in an apartment too high) .
  • In front of the screen. Do simple exercises. If you put a block under your feet, you can raise and lower alternating feet  (10 times with each foot). Do not require too much effort and it is good  for strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, waist and thighs.
  • Take the time. If you want to activate your legs  you can  move the joints of your feet, with the spike-heel game.
  • Better in person. not always use the phone or email address and resolve it personally if possible.
  • Small breaks. Approximately every hour get up and go short at the office. When you return to your post, do some stretching.
  • Walk after eating If you have to eat at work, try after eating to have a walk for about 20 minutes near the office.

Feelgood Womanhood