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Silvio Berlusconi ex-wife will get paid 300.000 euros a month

After several months of bitter struggle in the media, Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario would be about to put a definitive end point to their 30 years living together. And is that, as reported in the Italian press these days, the former spouses have reached an agreement on their divorce.

The Italian prime minister and his second wife on Saturday held a five-hour hearing before the Court of Milan during which he has promised to pay his ex-wife € 300,000 monthly . In addition to the pension, the Italian agency Ansa reported that Veronica would have obtained the enjoyment of the Macherio Villa Belvedere , the mansion in northern Italy where she lives since splitting from Prime Minister in May 2009.

Right or wrong?. What do you think?

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Get inspiration from Madrid Fashion Bridal Week

If you are going to be a part of a wedding this season get inspiration from the Madrid Fashion Bridal Week. The second day of the catwalks were attended by some masters of couture wedding: like the veteran spanish designer  Elio Berhanyer, which models went to the catwalk wearing a rose, matching the fine details of some of the dresses, along one of the strongest trends of last season. There were models  inspired by ancient Greece, all very chic and romantic

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Misslopez tips: Get the jobb you want with social networking

Use social networking at its best and you will be able to get the jobb you want and have fun at the same time. I give you a very useful guide on how profitable your social networking profiles can be.

Choose your friends and clean if needed your Facebook and Twitter profiles . Remove the labels on those photos that are not quite correct to create a serious image. Think your recruiter or potential customer can see you and your personal image can interfere with your professional image, especially at first sight.

Show yourself professional . Your hobbies or your family and personal life should be 1% of your public identity. Personal relationships are as personal use (79.3%), followed by shared hobbies (27%) and finally, labor relations, with 23.6%.

Have a blog, is a crucial part of your CV . You must write regularly on your specialty. Makes life easier for your followers, share information, use the Google Adwords tool to find keywords for your fans find you easily.

On Twitter: It is true that has fewer supporters but as a network is as active as Facebook. This network links, socialize, invite other people to read your blog and links to other blogs related to your interests.  It adds value in your tweets (Twitter messages), links professionals and entrepreneurs in your industry …

Resume and make sure it is updated and available on LinkedIn.

Stay active , do exactly what you want, become a volunteer, working for free … Be sure to write an article every day about what you are doing for free. Say, «I could do this for you, call me.»

Good Luck

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Giorgio Armani´s design for Alicia Keys european tour

Giorgio Armani´s design.

The Italian fashion designer returns to create Alicia Keys costumes at her concerts in Europe. The lucky fans attending the concert that Alicia Keys will have in Barcelona on June 2, will enjoy her magnificent voice, and also a show in which everything is taken to the smallest detail, including costumes.  In this occasion, Alicia Keys, will have four ‘looks’ from the signature Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani.

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