Indian Street food Hogging


Hey Guys!

Me enjoying between college breaks

I am back in India. It’s been a long time since I have blogged . I am really excited  to get back to talking to you guys again. How have you all been ? How were your holidays ? Its been super awesome here. I am back to my college and I have been working on some projects . The best part of being back is that I can enjoy Indian street food between my college breaks . So whenever my work load increases I just go out with my friends and enjoy the “Tikkas ” , the “chaats” . Indian street food  is very flavorful . It has the right amount of spice in it. My super favorite dish that I generally eat at the place “BALI” is Momos .  I have also tried other things but this being the best, I eat the most!

So yes its been amazing to be back , I hope to blog soon again .

So see you guys!

Bye !!




Farewell Sweden!

Hey guys . How are you ? Well I am going back to India this week . Its been such a delightful trip in Stockholm . I made such good friends, met knew people, shared ideas . Its amazing how I never felt like an outsider here. I absolutely loved the walk beside the beach . The busy city area. People biking around . Its lovely to see the sun not setting and the beautiful coloured sky in the midnight . I am going to so ,miss this all . I am going to miss the biking around at nights. Especially the Gamla stan it is my favourite place. It has the perfect calmness , the perfect beauty!
So ya guys! see you all soon! If you visit India message me!
See you soon !

The art of letting go

Hey guys . How are you ? Today I am going to talk about the art of letting go. Irrespective of our gender , age , occupation , we all are holding something from our past experience . This is something which stops us from being happy completely , stops us from being free. It is very important in our life to forget things and put a bar on our thoughts and cage them . Before our mind controls , we need to control it. Letting go just not mean that we have to forget the stuff . But it rather means to be strong enough to not let that thing affect you much . It means to decrease the impact of the existence of that thing
So yes. I hope you guys have learnt something from this and this helped you in some way!
See you soon !

Be true to your own self

 Hey guys . How are you?

Today I am going to talk about how to be true to yourself. So yes everyone we meet nowadays are running . Some of us are running for work, some for family ,some for money. In this entire run , we are actually running from our own self. We want to be popular , we want to be rich , we want to have a big house , but how many of us want to be happy?

How many of us wake up in the morning with absolutely no regrets at all  . We are happy just the way our life is. The problem is we all look outside ourselves to find happiness. But it is important to find the inner peace and happiness inside us .

So yes . Start spending time with yourself . Start loving yourself