Santa Cruz castle close to my house in Oleiros, La Coruña, Galicia & Spain

Hola! Jueves Santo in Spain. Easter! Today I just went for a walk close to my place, Santa Cruz and now I am happy to introduce you a castle that I love as it’s so beautiful :) It comes from the XVI century as a fortress against the English invation. As you can see the city then was well protected! :) Whatever here I used to play around as a kid & more and even I did my first “comunión” celebration as catholic when I was seven in just the hotel in front of this amazing castle. Beautiful! it actually like being in the Medieval and it reminds you of the Princess and Prince in a white horse. Very romantic! :)

Here me today. See more of the castle here

Much closer.Do you like it too?

A bit rainy today but I think it´s gonna be warmer soon…It´s raining all over Spain.

A view of La Coruña. From here you can see the world goes round. The funny thing that in the old days they used to think that close to here at Finisterre, was the end of the world and the planet was flat. But not there were more and people didn´t know at the other side was the New World, America! More here

From this Oleiros residencial area you can see much closer a view of La Coruña city, only ten minutes by car. I love my hometown!! :)

Me gusta La Coruña!!!

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